Tesla Phone: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specifications; And more rumors

There has been speculation about a possible Tesla X phone, called the Model Pi/P, but there is no credible evidence to confirm its existence. Still, it’s interesting to consider what a smartphone from the most successful automaker might look like.

When will the Tesla phone be released?                               

While Tesla has a reputation for introducing unconventional, yet suitable products like a Cyber truck-inspired electric vehicle for kids and a stainless steel whistle, a smartphone release isn’t likely at this time, though that’s not entirely surprising. Will be Given Tesla’s track record

There are a few main reasons why we are questioning whether this phone is meant for the original release:

  • Most of the rumors come from an early 2021 YouTube video from add studio design, but they clearly state that these are the designer’s ideas, not actual leaks or details from Tesla. Most of the rumors we’ve seen seem to be based on this source.
  • We’ll get into more of these below, but ideas for this phone are too advanced to be realistic yet, like Neural Link support and connectivity to Mars. These capabilities are not necessarily present in the first iteration of the phone, so a device can survive without them. It is reasonable to be skeptical when these ideas are initially tossed around.
  • If the remote side effects of brain-connected technology like Neural link, or the plan, are to eliminate phones entirely, it would be counterproductive to put in the work.

If those reasons aren’t enough, consider this comment from the CEO of Tesla on the future of smartphones:

Smart watches and phones are yesterday’s technology, Neural links are the future.

That said, Musk is on record saying “I’ll make a replacement phone” in response to a tweet about Twitter (which he owns) being removed from the Apple and Google app stores. That didn’t happen, but if it were to happen, it looks like Musk isn’t averse to the idea of ​​releasing his own phone to keep Twitter alive.

Estimated release date for Life wire

We’ll take Musk’s Neural link tweet as proof that these phone rumors are just fiction. It’s true that Tesla could still release a phone in the future, but there’s no reason to believe it will with the information we have. If (it’s a big if) this Tesla phone really is being worked on in secret, and every rumor is true, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see it around 2030.

Tesla Phone Price Rumors

All of the advanced technology phones mentioned below will cost more than a few thousand dollars. Later versions may come down in price as more people start using the technology, but we wouldn’t expect the first iteration to be affordable for most people.

Assuming the phone is real (again, we don’t think so) and that it will launch relatively basic with only a few rumors, it will likely sit at a more sensible $800-$1,200.

Pre-Order Information

We envision an announcement several months before the official release, and pre-orders could begin soon. But without a release date for reference, we have no idea when Tesla Phone 5G pre-orders might start, if ever.

We’ll provide any relevant pre-order links here, assuming we get reliable information about the release.

Given the over-the-top features in Tesla’s current products, such as the nearly invulnerable exoskeleton of the Cyber truck and the bioweapon defense mode in some of their other vehicles, the rumors about this phone aren’t surprising.

Here’s what we’ve heard.

Satellite Internet: New phones these days come with 5G, so there’s also the possibility of a Tesla Pi 5G phone. EO.). There are even possibilities for the Tesla phone to help finance the colonization of Mars, which has been the company’s goal since its founding. But they have to find a way to not only hide the large antenna satellite phones, but also guarantee good service from such a small device. One theory is that it would work where there is already a Star link base, such as in a building or, if that ever happens, a Tesla car equipped with a suitable antenna.

Solar charging: Tesla manufactures solar panels and vehicles, so it’s not far-fetched. It’s unlikely the phone will rely solely on solar power, but it could feature a Tesla-branded case that enables some amount of solar charging.

Vehicle Control: There is already a Tesla app for phones to perform basic car functions: lock/unlock the car, control media playback, and summon the vehicle. This app will definitely be pre-installed on the phone, if not built-in to the operating system, for easy access from the lock screen or via external buttons. It’s also possible that the app will offer unique options only to Tesla phone owners.

Astronomy photography: Current phones already use AI and powerful cameras to help when photographing the night sky. Add the functionality that will inevitably bleed into this phone in SpaceX’s extraterrestrial focus, and you have a device capable of great photos of astronomical objects.

Crypt combining: Another rumor is that it will mine crypto currency. Musk has been public about crypto currencies in the past, so it’s not unreasonable to assume he’d want to add that capability to the phone. Although Bit coin is more popular, and Musk probably prefers the existing Dogecoin, rumor has it that Tesla’s phone will spawn a new coin called Mars Coin (which Musk himself tweeted). Some serious hardware would need to be implemented to work reliably.

Neural link Support: The idea of ​​computers interfacing with the brain is still largely science fiction, and Neural ink is one of the companies working on it. He says he’s “designing the first neural implant that will let you control a computer or mobile device anywhere.”… with your brain activity, just by thinking about it. Could Tesla be the first phone capable of such a feat? The initial iteration can run on any phone with the Neural link app, but considering Musk owns a Neural link it might make sense to watch it here as well.