Golden Retrievers

12 Things Golden Retrievers Hate That Humans Do

Golden Retrievers

you might think your golden retriever

loves it when you squeeze them in a big

old hug yeah some definitely do but the

truth is not all goldens like to be

smothered and the ones that don’t

like it all the time some just want

their personal space if they’re relaxing

if they’re too hot or they’re trying to

eat but that’s not the only thing you’re

accidentally doing that makes your

golden retrievers are uncomfortable they also

don’t like it when you cut their hair

yes we humans like to get a fresh cut

because it makes us look good and feel

good plus Golden Retrievers

good plus having shorter hair in the

summer can help us not get so hot but

it’s the total opposite of golden

retrievers their coats actually help

regulate their body temperatures in both

the cold and the heat yep even though

their coats are thick they actually help

keep them cool in the hot summer if you

give your pup a haircut in the summer

you’re robbing them of their natural

protection from the heat plus you’ll

leave them vulnerable to sunburn giving

them a haircut can also stop their coat

from growing back normally in the future

we fostered an older golden for a few

months whose owner used to shave her she

had a thin scraggly coat that i bet used

to be a lot prettier and thicker in the

past so the bottom line is this never

shave your golden and if you do decide

to give them a little trim be very

careful and don’t cut their hair too


some people shave their dogs because

they have too many mats in their fur

which brings us to the next thing that

goldens hate skipping brush day golden

retrievers need to be brushed a few

times a week and the good news is that

it’s beneficial for both you and your Things Golden Retrievers Hate

dog for you it helps them shed less and

gets the dead fur out of their coat and

onto the brush instead of out of their

coat and onto your floor and for your

dog it helps prevent them from getting

mattes mats are knots or tangles in