2023 Digital Marketing Services Lahore Trend

Every year, new trends in digital marketing emerge, and as a digital marketing agency in Pakistan, we introduce these ideas to the market for organizations and individuals. The year 2018 was a terrific year for digital marketing, but there were some gaps and space for development, so here are some new digital marketing trends for you.


The video is growing increasingly popular, and this tendency will only continue. According to current projections, the video will account for 80% of consumer Internet traffic by 2023. Are you still not convinced?

Marketers who use video boost their income at a 49% faster rate than those who do not.

Consumers spent 2.6 times as much time on video pages as they did on non-video ones.

Accessibility is one of the reasons why video is growing more popular. Even a few years ago, videos took a long time to load and were difficult to view on mobile devices. These are now widely available, and there are entire social networks specialized in videos, such as Snapchat and Periscope. Instagram TV, for example, features a video game UI.


Infographics will be popular in 2023. Interactive infographics are another thing, as they enable one to quickly express complicated information using interactive images and vivid and appealing colours.

Automation of marketing

Marketing automation does everything that an e-mail marketing platform can and more, much more. Most businesses benefit from a more sophisticated approach to lead generation, customer acquisition, and list management. Marketing automation helps you to track your visitors, identify the ideal prospects, and send the right message to them at the right moment.

Bots for chatting

We’ve been conversing with robots more and more in recent years. You most likely encountered one the last time you called your cell service provider. Initially, these robots appeared to make problem-solving tough, but as artificial intelligence and machine learning have progressed, they have become smarter.


It’s time to get smart about your content strategy in 2023. Instead of merely pulling article after article on themes that may or may not interest your prospects, it is critical to explore the issues and build interconnected content.


No, SEO is not extinct. While Google’s algorithm upgrades make the gaming system less and less effective, there are still numerous recommended SEO methods that can have a major impact on your website’s rating. “Zero Position” is a 2023 SEO trend to be aware of. Position Zero, also known as position “# 0,” is the highlighted text that comes before the search results. Click here to visit SEO Agency Lahore.

Search by voice

Digital assistants have grown in popularity in recent years. Even though the technology is still new and being improved, sales of Amazon Echo and Google Home have dominated the Christmas season. Customers can also use digital assistants on their mobile devices, such as Siri, Google, and Cortana, which are voice-activated search assistants.

Instagram paid advertisements

Most advertisers are aware of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but it’s difficult to overlook what Instagram has accomplished in such a short period of time.

With over 800 million active monthly users, 80% of whom follow a firm, there is an opportunity for them to become acquainted with the brand. Not only that, but Instagram now permits tracking conversions in the store.

Campaigns that are integrated

The most effective marketing initiatives are implemented across all platforms and reinforce one another. Don’t limit yourself to just one or two channels; use them all at once.

Campaigns that use multiple channels are far more effective than those that merely use one. It all starts with a solid core idea, so start there and then tailor your marketing to each channel.

Marketing that has sway

Influencer marketing is similar to celebrity endorsements but significantly more persuasive to your target population. You may reach their audience with a trusted voice by using powerful people on social media. You must utilize social media platforms to enlighten, persuade, and remind your customers, as well as to be kind and helpful to them. With time, you will be known as a valuable resource with whom other businesses desire to collaborate.

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