4 Essential Commands a Trail Puppy Should Know

Sure, hiking with a pet pup can be exciting; however, ensure your furry baby has built enough strength so the journey is enjoyable and fulfilling for both of you. Otherwise, your canine pet may have to deal with sore legs or even suffer from injuries.

Puppy shoes help protect a furry baby’s paws during a hike so consider buying them ahead of time and getting your dog used to them. Hiking can be easy or challenging, depending on your dog’s health and weather. Extreme weather and terrain can adversely affect your fur companion’s health and wellbeing.

So, consider being prepared with pet health insurance just in case something unfortunate happens. Pet insurance covers your doggo’s medical care during accidental injuries, specific illnesses, medical emergencies, and many other distressing health situations.

Contemplate purchasing a policy so getting quality medical help need not be financially cumbersome. Meanwhile, read this article to learn a few commands your puppy should know before heading for a hike.

Commands a trail puppy should know.

Train your furry baby well in advance to respond to these commands to make sure it listens to you while hiking in the wilderness. Double-check if your pet pooch responds to each command appropriately to avoid surprising reactions on the actual hiking day.


One of the most basic commands a dog needs to learn to respond to. You can consider sit to be synonymous with the word “Please”, which is often used in the human world during interactions. So, courteously say sit, and a well-trained dog will abide by the instruction and do as told, so it will be rewarded soon after.

This command can come to your rescue while taking a break, posing for pictures, and just relaxing with the rear planted on the ground with your pup.

2.Lay down

This command can be used to ask your doggy to lie down in the lake or a stream to help cool its body. Practice this on various surfaces and scenarios so your pet masters this command and happily lies down when instructed.

3.Drop it

You can use this command when you want to pull your puppy out of danger or from undesirable situations. For instance, keep your pooch safe from picking up sharp things, tiny stones, dead animals, and other tempting yet dangerous distractions by saying drop it.

4.Eyes on me

This command helps gain your furry baby’s undivided attention while walking down the trail. It helps take your canine’s focus off the grumpy dog walking past, a tasty treat in another hiker’s hand, and other unfamiliar faces around it.

Talk to your vet when unsure about your little pupper’s readiness before planning a hike with your dog. Begin with shorter trails so you can gauge your furry friend’s behavior, stamina, energy levels, interest, and physical condition, and then gradually increase the distance to suit its comfort.

At the same time, consider being prepared with pet health insurance, so your canine pet is assured of basic medical care during needy times of health. Pet insurance helps tackle unplanned vet costs more effectively without having to compromise on the healthcare quality, so why don’t you contemplate buying a policy?