7 common mistakes to avoid when you set up your e-commerce business

Common mistakes – According to market research, more than 90% of the e-commerce businesses crash within the first 120 days after their launch. The e-commerce business may seem to be an easy piece of cake. However, it is the other way round.

Running an online business store is just like any other business posing a set of challenges at various stages of business development. For example, business planning, finding the best suitable cheap windows hosting, designing and developing a website, and other steps.

Indeed, every stage of business development brings up different hurdles, and challenges that must be addressed. Hence, it would help if you were well-informed about what you are doing, and what it takes to be a success because there are so many things that may go wrong during your business’s development, launch, and management. Therefore, here shall be discussing some of the common mistakes you must avoid while setting up your online business. 

Reliable calculations 

The first and the most important step in running a business is the apt management of your tangible and intangible assets. Hence, before settling on your business journey, you must ensure that the prospective business is worth the revenue potential. Indeed, you won’t wish to invest all your money into something with no hope of profit or even a payback. 

The right CMS 

Once you are done with the business planning to the level of satisfaction, the next step is selecting and developing your online store, which may include CMS development and platform selection. The choice of the platform and CMS plays a significant role in defining the success of your business. Therefore, it is always better to get the top-notch design and development teams onboard, such as Navicosoft. Indeed, a DIY CMS development is not a newbie’s cup of tea. 

As we endorse the use of open-source proprietary, we also emphasize the crucial importance of the decision. There is an ample chance of making common mistakes while choosing a platform that is just right for you because there are many options available in the market.

Furthermore, the decision is even more complex because each platform has its distinct features. Therefore, you must spend your energy and investment finding the platform that complies with your business needs. 

Technical Glitches 

According to the experts, 57% of the online surfers leave the ecommerce platform if it fails to load within 3 seconds. Moreover, 80% of these consumers will never return to your website ever. The stats are quite significant for consideration. Consequently, these stats call for seamless cheap windows hosting. 

Hence, to ensure your business success, you need to find reliable cheap windows hosting plans with the features that comply with your business needs. Choosing a hosting company to join hands with can be a  bit tricky.

Certainly, it is because every hosting company portrays to be the best of all. However, you must go for the customer’s feedback and compare their cheap windows hosting plans. Furthermore, the most common mistakes concerning the technical glitches also include the following;

  • Broken or poor links
  • Exceeded bandwidth 
  • Non-responsive web design such as web pages not optimized for mobile devices
  • The slower loading speed of the web page is due to the bad choice of windows hosting.

Security Certificates 

If you haven’t thought about the security of your customers and the data they share, you won’t like to face the circumstances. Hence, paying attention to your website security parameters is vital to your business progress. Therefore, choose the best cheap windows hosting plans with classified security features.

For instance, you must get an SSL certificate when you sign up for cheap windows hosting so that you may offer your users security as well. Furthermore, you must ensure that the lead pages, contact pages, and especially payment processing pages are well-protected. 

Hidden fees

Another one of the common mistake you can make is being honest. Sounds weird? According to the research, most traffic and conversions are killed by hidden charges. If your e-commerce business also has high rates of abandoned carts just before the checkout, most probably, the hidden cost is the reason for it.

Shipping costs, commercial charges, taxes, or any other charges that may surprise the customers would directly negatively impact the potential customers. Indeed, you cannot change or reduce the charges to address this issue. However, what you can do is mention the charges beforehand. 

Web hosting selection

As mentioned above, your web hosting services play a major role in your business growth. Therefore, buying e-commerce hosting services is not a decision you can take in a hurry. Rather, it would help if you took your time to consider all the options available. For example, you can consider advanced SSF VPS hosting, windows hosting, Linux windows, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and other cheap hosting plans.

Whatever the hosting plan you may choose, you must ensure its seamless performance, regular backups, enough disk storage, bandwidth, etc. Furthermore, being seamless, the hosting plan costs lie in the margins of your budget. Therefore, in the beginning, you must not burden yourself financially. 

Product selection and placement

The last and most common mistakes anyone can make in setting up an e-commerce business is the poor selection of the products and their wrong placement. When you market your brand, you design your campaign around a basic philosophy that depicts a specific range of products.

Consequently, your customers will also expect the same range of products from your brand. However, if you fail to align your products according to your users’ expectations, you will be facing high bounce rates for sure. 

Furthermore, even if you have selected the right range of products, you may crash while placing the products. Indeed, the wrong placement of the products will be even worse. 

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