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9 Facilities Provided By The Best Heart Hospital

The infrastructure and medical team determine the quality of a medical institution’s cardiac services. A patient with specifically cardiac ailment requires immediate care, which must be assisted with proper emotional support. 

The cardiac unit in the best heart hospital in Kolkata usually has high-end medical facilities to face a holistic set of problems. In terms of the patient and the extent of the disease, the hospitals must take action without any delay.

The latest cardiac ailment trend shows that diseases like dysfunctional value, rhythm disorder, coronary artery disorder, and heart failure have taken a peak due to sedentary life.

Thus, it is essential to provide the patient with testing, diagnosing, and treatment facilities under one roof. If any member of your family is suffering from cardiac disease, then the contact number of the cardiac hospital must be on your speed dial. 

But, how to pick the best hospital?

Here we have a list of facilities that a reputed cardiac hospital provides.

9 Core facilities provided by the best cardiac hospital 

With modern facilities and advancements in medical technology, cardiac hospitals must provide generic facilities and systems to deal with complications.

  1. The credibility of dealing with emergencies

At any reputed hospital, the priority should be the patient and provide them with the best medical health care facilities. If a hospital has a recognition and relevance certification, it adds to the institution’s credibility. And, it also becomes a reliable source for the patients’ families. Further, they must have separate departments for Electrophysiology, Preventive Cardiology, Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, etc.

  1. Experienced Hospital Staff

Hospital staff who deal with cardiac patients are the most vital part of the team. They should have enough experience to support the patients through the ailment. The best heart hospital in Kolkata India employs certified doctors and nurses who work with dedication while dealing with cardiac problems. The doctors must have experience with cardiac emergencies, and a reliable team should support them.

  1. Appointing a cardio specialist

Cardiac emergencies require expert hands who can deal with complications and any surprises that come their way. The cardiac surgeons must have intensive experience in heart surgery during the need of the hour. They must know about using modern tools and techniques to deal with a cardiac blockage or minimize the chances of cardiac failure.

  1. Cardiac services provided

The hospital must be well-equipped to provide the essential services: Echocardiography, Pacemaker Implantation, Holter Test, Coronary Angiography, Angioplasty, and Stenting. At ILS Hospitals, you also get Valvuloplasty, ICD implantation, Modular CTVS OT, Echo Doppler, Echocardiogram, Treadmill Test (TMT), and Invasive Cardiology services.

  1. Proper management

Every day a cardiac hospital receives a huge number of patients. And, thus, proper maintenance and management are essential to segregate the patients. The categorization is in terms of emergency and general cases. And, this determines the condition and outcome of the patient. 

  1. Cath lab 

Medical issues required immediate diagnosis without any downtime. Thus, the hospital must have advanced facilities for testing, visual imaging, etc. Time is precious when it comes to heart ailments, and one needs to act tactfully. So, by maintaining prompt services, the reports get delivered at the earliest within a fixed time frame.

  1. Implementation of the latest technology

Hospitals must not be hesitant about employing modern techniques and implementing modeling methods that have made it into the market. It’s all about devoting time, energy, and resources strategically. This helps to provide proper treatment to the patient and save a life. Further, it also ensures to keep a check on the quality and accuracy of testing. 

  1. Awareness program

This is a must for every leading cardiac hospital, i.e. to educate their patients as well as relatives. They must be aware of the preventive measures to avoid the risk of any cardiac condition. The specialist must coordinate with the patient’s family to employ best practices and treatment. This helps to reduce the risk of any fatal disease and gives buffer time to act.

  1. Cardiac OT 

When the cardiac conditions become too severe, surgeries or invasive techniques are prescribed. A high-end cardiac OT can help to handle the crisis. This OT should be equipped with every cardiac ICU and accident and emergency kit to support the condition of the patient. Implementation of the safest technology requires minimal invasion and robot-assisted heart surgery methods. It is part of the latest treatment techniques and must be part of a cardiac hospital.


If you are confused about choosing any hospital? Then, you can go through the reviews and recognitions received by the hospital. You can also participate in the clinical trial programs conducted by the hospitals to understand the process. 

Further, as the appointment booking process has turned online, it has become easier to choose cardiac specialists based on their affiliation and qualification. At ILS Hospitals, you get 24*7 cardiac emergency services, along with ambulance and pharmacy services.

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