Amazing facts of 99 Maths:

99math is one of the advanced and very easy methods to attain for students in the process of practicing math skills competitively as a class or also at home exclusively. It could also effort fine in space or distant knowledge surroundings. However, you may choose the grade levels from K–12, it’s too good to use for K–6 or with students in mid-school needing to take to grade level. The in-built question fix creates venue up a puzzle easily, and the exhaustive rumors support teachers’ character out the place their students are at. Though, the results won’t be completely correct, later the competition setup might pitch certain students off. 

The further detail about 99 Math:

99Math is also an advanced innovative social rehearsal platform, specially planned for 1st to 8th-grade tutors to improve learning consequences and enhance lesson timing. This platform intensely blends the pleasurable of gaming with the intelligent task of math, thus building learning thrilling and pleasant knowledge for students.

The process to create a game on 99 Math:

The process to create one game on 99 Math is a friendly user process and also wonderfully as straightforward. Thus in this article, the detail about how to create a game is given that is following:

First, select a topic:

In this process first, start a selection system on any topic about math that you want to practice for your students.

To customize the selected topic:

Every topic that we select provides more options for customization and enables the students to align with specific needs.

The questions about the preview:

After the above process to make the topic now, you will have to see the actual question that the students will end out on the devices.

Also, select a game mood:

One time when you got satisfaction from your topic then click on the button “chose game mood”.

To fix the duration of the game:

Irrespective of the game mood now you have to control and also maintain the duration of the game.

To invite and add the students:

Within the game fix now it is a step to invite the students and shared with them the website to simply visit which is and then put the code for participation.

Enjoy the fun and get excited:

Students after engaging in their tasks will always observe the questions that are called enthusiasm firsthand as they excite themselves in this game.

At the end to review insights:

After all the process bout game you will get a prevented report automatically that gives you important insights about the performance of students.

The live games of 99 Math:

Playing a live game on 99Math is one of the great fun and attractive way to exercise math skills. It’s dreamily planned for all in-person classes, reserve learning sessions, or a hybrid of both individuals. In this article, the process you may carry this sprightly experience into your teaching exercise:

  • First to fix up a Live Game
  • Then invite and add the students
  • Start to play together
  • Make reviews in real-time
  • The feedback that is instant