Best Way to Organize PDF Pages on Windows and Mac

Organizing PDF pages is now easy with the PDF Page Organizer! PDF Page Organizers let you edit the PDF and organize its pages in simple and easy steps, besides making a new one with the required page order.

Bundles of online tools and apps offer the services of PDF Page Organizers, but their premium subscriptions won’t let most users use them. However, in this article, we will talk about what qualities you must look for in the best PDF Page Organizer and later will introduce you to the best PDF Organizer offering services –UPDF. Let’s begin reading!

What is the Best PDF Page Organizer?

Wondering what’s the best PDF Page Organizer is like? Have a look at the qualities that make a PDF Page Organizer the best of all!

1.   High-Efficient and Quick Operations

A PDF Page Organizer must be convenient to use with quick operations and highly efficient. It must be convenient for users so that they don’t need to look again and again for the User’s Guide.

2.   Rich and Powerful Features

The best PDF Page Organizer must be rich in useful features to make users’ PDF editing experience the best of all, helping them make their PDF presentable using robust, innovative features.

3.   System Compatibility

It must have a wide range of compatibility, and its System Requirements must be broad. The best PDF Page Organizer is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and android.

4.   Stable Performance

Performance stability measures a PDF Page Organizer’s health and user experience. If it’s working how it’s supposed to, then it’s stable. However, an amazing PDF Page Organizer must not encounter any errors and be crash-free. It must be secure to use.

5.   User-Friendly and Delightful Interface

What adds to making a PDF Page Organizer the best of all is its user-friendly interface. The delightful interface and innovative features of make a PDF organizer worth using.

6.   Affordable Price

The best PDF organizer must have an affordable price or be freemium to let the users access its basic features without paying a penny. Most of the PDF Page Organizers available out there require premium subscriptions to enable editing, or you have to pay to access all of their features.

After going through all this, you must wonder whether there is any PDF Page Organizer with all such qualities. Hold on to your seat, as it’s a big YES! UPDF is there to make your PDF Page Organizing and editing experience the best with its unlimited useful features. Let’s discuss it in detail below!

How to Organize PDF Pages with UPDF

UPDF is an all-in-one PDF solution for entrepreneurs and individuals. The minds behind the UPDF are doing wonders with the mission to develop a handy tool for the users. Besides offering amazing services and useful features, what else makes this PDF organizer worthy is it is affordable!

Amazing Features of UPDF

  • A robust suite of PDF annotation tools
  • Provides the best reading experience with multiple reading modes
  • Edit PDF files effortlessly, including editing PDF text, editing and adding images in PDF, etc.
  • From PDF conversion and protection to PDF editing, UPDF has made everything possible!
  • Secure and easy to use
  • Helps you protect PDF with open and permission passwords

Steps to Organize PDF Pages with UPDF

Here is the step-by-step guide on UPDF to make your PDF more presentable. To access the page management tools, click “Organize Pages” in the left bar.

1.    Insert

With the UPDF, you can insert blank pages within your PDF. Navigate to the “Insert” option in the toolbar. You will see two options:

  • Blank Page – By clicking on this option, UPDF will insert a blank page after the page you have selected, and if in case you haven’t selected any page, the blank page will be added at the end of the PDF.
  • From File – On clicking this option, you can select another PDF file from your “Files” and insert all of its pages into your current PDF.

2.    Replace PDF pages

UPDF also enables you to replace any PDF page with another PDF file.

  • Select the page or pages you want to replace.
  • Click on the “Replace” option appearing in the toolbar.
  • Select the PDF file you want to replace your selected pages with and click “Open”. All of the selected pages will be replaced.
  • Keep in mind that if you select only one page of the current PDF, UPDF will replace it with the first page of the other PDF; if you select multiple, like four pages, then the first four pages of the PDF will replace your selected pages, and so on.

3.    Extract Pages

  • Select the pages of the PDF you want to extract, navigate to the “Extract” option and click on it.
  • Select a folder to save the extracted pages and click on “Save”. All the selected pages will be extracted to a new PDF which you can find in the local storage location you saved it in.

4.    Split PDF

These easy steps allow you to split PDFs according to the page numbers.

  • On the Page Management Toolbar, select the “Split” option.
  • Insert the number of pages for each of your split PDF files.
  • Choose the “Split” option, select the folder, and save your split PDF files.

5.    Rotate PDF Pages

  • Select the page
  • Navigate to the “Page Management Toolbar” and click on the “Left” or “Right” options to rotate your page in the desired direction.

6.    Delete Pages

  • Navigate to the “Organize Pages” function.
  • Select the pages you want to delete and click on the “Delete” icon on the toolbar to delete them.
  • Save the file

7.    Select Page Range

Click on the “Organize Pages” icon and then the “Select Pages” option to organize your PDF pages using the page numbers.


That was all about what the Best PDF Page Organizer is like and how you can make use of the fantastic PDF Page Organizer, i.e., the UPDF! UPDF is indeed an ultimate solution to all of your PDF-related concerns.