Career Management Platform Boosts Employee Engagement and Increases Job Satisfaction

Engage employees by creating clear career paths for them that align with their competencies and goals, whether that means reaching the top or staying put in current roles. This will foster both engagement and workplace behavior changes within your organization.

Look for a career management platform that is easily integrated with your HR, applicant tracking, and collaboration tools – this will ensure the software will be easy for team members to use while supporting the work being completed by them.

Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is vital to any company’s success, as passionate workers tend to be more productive, less likely to leave for other jobs and less likely to seek greener pastures elsewhere.

92Career give employees a central location from which they can explore professional development opportunities that will allow them to progress both within their current role and prepare for future ones. Such tools also foster an environment of innovation where employees are encouraged to think creatively while working collaboratively on projects that move the company forward.

Midsize enterprises and large organizations alike can utilize career management solutions to identify talent within their workforces, assess skill levels, and deliver targeted professional development on one centralized platform. This helps mitigate psychosocial risks such as absenteeism and turnover by creating clear career pathways and eliminating stagnation within roles. Integrating career pathing software with performance management platforms or as standalone applications such as Fuel50, CareerVista or TalentGuard helps businesses identify leaders through skills assessments and analytic reporting – such solutions may include Fuel50, CareerVista or TalentGuard among many other.

Drive Succession Planning

Career management software can assist in devising an enduring plan for moving employees into senior roles within your organization. This strategy ensures continuity even if key employees leave, by identifying future leaders before grooming them to develop the necessary abilities.

This approach is particularly helpful if your business is expanding quickly. Furthermore, it ensures that your team has all of the talent required to meet key business objectives.

At its core, career management platforms help organizations build a world-class leadership pipeline and eliminate talent risks in an organization. The best platforms provide clear guidance on how to set up succession plans and develop a continuous learning culture within your organization; track employee performance over time; as well as feature various capabilities designed to build your ideal solution.

Support Your Talent’s Aspirations

Career management software gives employees visibility into potential paths forward within their organizations, furthering employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Mastercard provides employees with an annual Development Card process which enables them to discuss their professional aspirations with their managers and create a plan on how they’ll meet those goals. Through this approach, employees have access to training or resources designed to support them such as learning academy courses, mentors, projects or new roles that could support them on their path towards achieving them.

This platform also enables them to combine development plans with performance reviews so managers can identify high-potential talent and prepare them for future roles, helping ease staffing challenges by decreasing the need to recruit externally for core positions, while simultaneously giving managers more options when filling any vacancies that arise.

Enhance Organizational Visibility

As an employee or team leader, visibility is the cornerstone of success. Utilizing tools to communicate project status updates, identify roadblocks and provide guidance can keep everyone on the same page while showing your team members that their work matters to the organization.

Career management software’s clear roadmap encourages employees to stay at a company. It shows they care for their growth and are committed to investing in their futures.

Use one of our top career management tools to gain more visibility and support your teams’ needs. For example, Bridge offers a career development platform that integrates learning, performance and talent management, to increase employee engagement and retention. Their competency framework feature allows users to identify skill gaps and competencies to ensure workforce readiness – although pricing information isn’t made public, demo and free trials are available so that you can assess if it works well with your organization.