Coolsculpting: Most Popular Body Contouring Treatment will Make You Fear No Mirror!

Half of the world is suffering from fat problems and today even kids are not immune to it. There are many medications, creams, pills, sprays, and dozens of other treatments you can go for. Today as technology has advanced, we have some wonderful treatments like cool sculpting. Cool sculpting can be defined as a fat-freezing method and it is very popular these days. We all know how challenging it is to get rid of fat accumulated in different parts of the body. It will take lots of hard work to melt all that fat.

Fat freezing is called cryolipolysis and this method was approved in 2010 by the FDA. Scientists were studying frostbite to know what happens when fat freezes. Fat instantly freezes when the temperature is raised rather than the skin. There is a cryolipolysis device used in a cool sculpting clinic in NY that cools the fat without harming the skin. No harm is done to any tissue or skin but fat gets destroyed by raising the temperature.

Procedure and who should go for cool sculpting

There is nothing to fret about by paying attention to sculpting. No one is going to sculpt your fat with knives or needles. It is not a surgical procedure you will not even feel any pain. There is a tool that is a sculpting tool and not sharp. This device is used to hold the body parts that need to be targeted. This part is placed between two paddles. These paddles can cool quickly and they are left on the targeted parts for about 35 minutes to 60 minutes. This process is successful in destroying 20-25% of the fat cells. For outcomes, you need to be very patient as it can take months. On the positive side, some noticeable changes can be seen within just weeks. This happens because the human immune system takes some time to flush out dead fat cells.

So who can go for cool sculpting? Cryolipolysis is not a weight loss method. If you have tried many things, but failed to achieve results the first thing is to go and consult a professional’s coolsculpting clinic in NY. There are fat bulges that are hard to get rid of, but there are also risks associated. It might not be a good option for everyone. You must avoid it if

·         You have poor skin tone or loose skin

·         Cold urticaria

·         Cryoglobulinemia

·         Raynaud’s phenomenon

·         Paroxysmal cool hemoglobinuria

·         If you are pregnant

·         Have obesity issues

·         You are sensitive to cold

This method is not recommended if there are rashes, varicose veins, nerve problems, etc. If you have these issues, you are not an ideal candidate for cryolipolysis. If your doctor gives you a green flag then you will be able to get rid of fat from under the chin, butt area, along the bra line, thighs, belly, and upper arm.

Are there any risks involved?

Only your doctor will be able to suggest methods and risks associated with it. You cannot just go into a clinic and sit down for treatment. Your doctor is going to examine your fat areas and will ask you about any medical history or medications you are taking.  There are side effects and you will also need to pay attention to aftercare of the treatment. Going through this treatment, you will feel tugging, pulling, and intense cold. After the treatment is completed, there is even sore skin similar to after exercise. The area might also swell a little. There is mild to moderate pain associated with treatment but that is also in some cases.

How effective is it?

All those who are desperate to get help with cool sculpting will find this interesting. Cryolipolysis is an effective treatment and entirely safe to go through. The risks are very rare and few. No damage is done to any vital organs. Some people might feel side effects but they are short-term. After this treatment, it is guaranteed that you will lose 10-25% of the fat for sure.

What is the cost?

Cool sculpting is a cosmetic treatment that you can avail yourself of from a coolsculpting clinic in NY.  Keep in mind that this treatment is not covered by medical insurance. There are many things on which the cost will depend such as the body part, how many sessions you will need, clinic and location. For instance, treatment for arms will take just one session per arm and the cost is lesser as compared to any other part such as the thighs. It is better that you book an appointment with the doctor and talk to him/her about the procedure. You can book your appointment at Bared Monkey instantly, as they are available to talk 24×7. They are FDA approved and known to provide the best cosmetic treatment to the ladies