Detailed Guide to Fix TP-Link Repeater Orange Light Issue


“The LED light on my TP-Link wireless repeater is blinking orange. I tried everything that I could, but the issue did not get resolved. What should I do? Can anyone help me fix the TP Link repeater orange light issue?”

If you are also getting bugged by the TP-Link repeater orange light issue, consider walking through this post. Here, we have talked about some of the topmost troubleshooting fixes, following which; you will surely be able to stop the LED light on your TP-Link repeater from blinking orange.

Fixed: TP-Link Repeater Orange Light Issue

Fix 1: Reboot Your TP-Link Repeater

Rebooting the devices has helped many users in resolving technical issues. You should give this troubleshooting hack a try too. Who knows, it might work in your favor? 

Follow the instructions mentioned below and learn how to reboot or shall we say, restart your TP-Link wireless repeater:

Turn off your tplinkrepeater and unplug it from its wall socket.

Wait for some time.

Plug your TP-Link repeater back into its wall socket and power it on.

Check the LED light on your TP-Link wireless repeater is still blinking orange? Is it? Well, in that case, take the help of the next fix.

Fix 2: Verify the Ethernet Connection

Check the Ethernet cable connecting your TP-Link WiFi repeater to your home router. If you find any cuts on it, get it replaced with a new one immediately. If you do not want to do that, consider connecting your devices using a wireless medium.

Fix 3: Bring Your WiFi Devices Closer

Too much distance between your TP-Link wireless repeater and your home router can make it immensely difficult for them to transmit signals. 

Therefore, unplug your repeater from the wall socket it is currently plugged into and plug it into the one located near the host router.

Fix 4: Perform TP-Link Firmware Update

Another thing that you can do to get rid of the TP-Link repeater orange light issue is to update the firmware of your wireless device to the latest version.

Not sure about how to go about the process? Well, worry not. Simply follow the steps given below and learn how to update your device:

Launch an internet browser on your device.

Download the latest firmware version for your WiFi repeater.

Extract the firmware file.

Open a new tab on your internet browser.

In the address bar of the browser, input

Press Enter.

You will get redirected to the official login page of your TP-Link repeater.

Enter the default username and password and hit Log In.

Once you have logged in, head over to the Settings menu.

Click System Tools.

Select Firmware Upgrade.

Hit Browse.

Your device will locate the file you downloaded earlier.

Select the Upload button.

In some time, your TP-Link wireless repeater will reboot itself, indicating that the firmware has been updated successfully.

Fix 5: Reset Your TP-Link Repeater

If none of the aforementioned troubleshooting hacks helped you get rid of the TP-Link repeater orange light issue, consider resetting your device.

Here is how you can reset your TP-Link wireless repeater:

  • Find the Reset button on your wireless device.
  • Grab a pointy object.
  • Press the Reset button using that object.
  • Wait for some time.

Now, reconfigure your TP-Link repeater by accessing the login page.

Wrap Up

We hope that after following the troubleshooting hacks mentioned above, you will be able to troubleshoot the TP-Link repeater orange light issue. If you are aware of any other fix through which this issue can be resolved, do share it with your fellow readers via the comment section. 

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