Doctors Explain -Whether You Should Prefer a Shower or a Bath?

Doctors Explain -Whether You Should Prefer a Shower or a Bath?

A recent survey suggests that nearly half of the brits take a shower or a bath at least once a day. While more people were found to be preferring a shower over a bath, there has long been a debate about whether a shower or a bath is more beneficial. While both can be great at making you feel fresh and clean, there are important things that you should keep in mind about. Knowing the answer to the question about whether you should have a refreshing shower in a shower enclosure or a relaxing bath, how often you should have it, and how long it should take. Whether you prefer a shower cubicle due to a certain reason, why not have a look at this issue from a medical perspective. 

In this blog, we are going to explain what doctors suggest about a shower enclosure vs a bath

Shower Vs. Bath Debate. 

The shower vs. bath seems like a never-ending debate. Most of us have listened to the arguments of experts on it for decades. While some people in the UK prefer the idea of having a fresh start to the day with a long deep soak, others seem not to agree with it. Both shower enclosure in the bathroom and a bath are great utilities and offer excellent health and wellbeing benefits, but which should you prefer? We have asked the same question from a few leading medical practitioners in the UK. 

So, Should You Prefer a Shower Enclosure or a Bath?

According to a recent survey about British people’s shower or bath habits, more than 60% of people prefer a shower over a bath. But most of them don’t prefer it due to the health or wellbeing benefits. They seem to prefer it due to the fact that it’s quicker and can help save water. Moreover, a shower enclosure is a recent trend that has become an essential element for modern bathroom looks. So, the looks or style may be the reason behind preferring the shower cubicles. But does it also offer some advantages over a bath? Most doctors say “yes”. Why, let’s have a look deeper into it. To be honest, it is all about what is more beneficial to you, depending on your physical health. 

Who Should Prefer a Shower Enclosure?

A shower is the quickest way to get fresh, and that’s where its real benefit is. You save a lot of water compared to a bath, but it also helps you get your skin less exposure to the water. As a result, you can prevent stripping of the skin’s natural oil. But if you take a long shower, it will have the same effects as a long bath. Your skin may break down with a frequent long shower, causing irritation and inflammation. A warm shower may offer almost the same benefit as a relaxing bath soak. Despite the fact that you will spend less time in the shower enclosure and use less water, it will help your muscle relax. 

Who Should Prefer a Bath?

Many people believe that a long bath has more health benefits in comparison to a shower. But in reality, it’s a myth. While having a bath sometimes may be beneficial. But having it frequently will dehydrate your skin and wash away healthy bacteria. That will make you more prone to infections. Skin experts suggest skin can pretty much clean itself, so you don’t necessarily scrub it off all the time to stay hygienic. A bath should be preferred by people who have certain skin conditions like eczema. In addition to that, if you are very tired, they may consider having a soaking bath. A Hot bath before bed will help destress yourself and have a sound sleep. 

What’s an Ideal Way to Take Shower and a Bath?

The most beneficial way to clean yourself is to take a short shower with warm water. You should only do it once a day if necessary. Otherwise, a shower after 2,3 days is enough. It is also important to not to use too much soap on the skin. Perhaps, it’s better to use it only around the groin area, feet, and armpits. These are places that require the most cleaning on a hot day or a workout. Soap is designed to strip off skin oils that can make it dry and damaged. Therefore, the use of too much soap can be unhealthy. 

Final Thoughts. 

It is clear from our discussion that showers may be healthier in comparison to baths. But again, it depends on your situation. If you have had a hard day at work and want to unwind and relax, you may still feel calmer with a long soak before bed. However, a shower is what you should prefer for regular use. Therefore, it will be great for you to have a shower enclosure installed in your bathroom. 

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