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Fixed: D-link WiFi Extender Not Connecting to Internet Issue

Are you facing the D-link WiFi extender not connecting to internet issue? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here, we will guide you to troubleshoot the WiFi extender not connecting to internet using various troubleshooting techniques to better your internet experience. Just scroll to the below-section to gain knowledge.

Troubleshooting Solutions

Give a Restart

It’s better to give a restart to your D-link WiFi extender before implementing any other troubleshooting method. As it will eliminate minor technical hiccups that might be causing you to face D-link WiFi extender not connecting to internet issue.

To Restart:

  • You just need to disconnect all your connected WiFi-enabled device from your extender.
  • Then, turn it off and unplug it from the power outlet.
  • Wait for a while before plugging your D-link extender back into the power socket and turning it on.
  • Now, re-connect your WiFi-enabled device to your extender.

Now, check whether the D-link extender not connecting to internet issue has been fixed. If not, then browse to the next troubleshooting technique. Now, try to access mydlink app. Did you get success? No? Read the next troubleshooting tip.

Check the Power Supply

You need to make sure that the electrical socket through which your D-link WiFi extender is connected doesn’t have any sign of damage for proper functioning. If you find any damage or short-circuit in the electrical socket, then try switching your D-Link extender to another socket. Else, you’ll get stuck with a power outage resulting in the D-link extender not connecting to internet issue. Apart from it, inspect the condition of the power cable as it needs to be free from any kind of damage for smooth working.

Verify Your Internet Connection

A strong internet connection is required for the D-link WiFi extender to work efficiently. But, sometimes while using a wired connection, you might face an issue due to a damaged Ethernet cable. So, you need to inspect the condition of the Ethernet cable. If you detect any kind of wear or tear, then replace it with the new one. Else, you’ll continue to face the issue. Moreover, you need to confirm that the D-link extender you are using is getting strong WiFi signals. If that’s not the case, then try relocating your extender close to your host router to avoid any loss of connection issues.

Avoid WiFi Interference

Always be careful while placing your WiFi extender as you need to avoid objects such as refrigerators, baby monitors, microwaves, cordless phones, and other smart home appliances causing WiFi interference. These kinds of objects use radio frequency for transmission that can cause disturbance in your WiFi signals resulting in the D-link WiFi extender not connecting to internet issue.

Reset your D-Link extender

This is the last resort when none of the aforementioned troubleshooting techniques work for you. Resetting your D-link extender to the default factory settings and configuring it again is needed to eliminate all the minor or major issues that might be causing you to face the D-link extender not connecting to internet issue. However, it’s a simple process, still many users find it a bit complex. If you also feel the same, then here we have outlined step-by-step information to reset your D-link extender. Just follow it.

  • You need to seek the Reset button located on your D-link extender.
  • Once you have found the Reset button, push it.
  • Then, your D-link extender will reboot on its own and will be restored to the default factory settings.

Now, re-configure your D-link extender to access the D-link WiFi extender setup wizard to modify the settings.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned troubleshooting technique will prove to be beneficial for you in fixing the D-link WiFi extender not connecting to internet issue. If you are aware of any other troubleshooting method, then feel free to share with us via the comment section.

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