Football Betting At UFACAM For 2022

Football betting is the most popular among Ecuadorians. Here we explain everything you need to know to make them and we tell you the best websites you can bet on. As there are not many houses that offer Football Betting at UFACAM we have made two lists: one with the best houses that allow betting on Ecuadorian football and another with the best houses to make international football bets. In addition, as you can see from the lists, many of them offer a welcome bonus for you to start scoring a good goal.

How online football betting works

Football betting works in a very simple way.

  • First you make a prediction about a game that interests you.
  • Then you check the odds offered by the house and if you think it is worth it, you make the bet.
  • At the time of placing the bet, the value of the bet is subtracted from your balance.
  • You wait for the game to end and if you have succeeded, the house pays you without you doing anything the value of the bet is multiplied by the odds.

For example A bet of 30 dollars for Real Madrid that is paid at 1.75, would pay you 30 x 1.75 = 52.5 dollars. Of that $52.5, $30 was yours before but had been subtracted from the betting account when placing the bet and the other $22.5 is profit.

How to make a football bet step by step

Making a football bet is very simple. You just have to be careful not to make mistakes because once the bet is placed, it can no longer be canceled. Here are the steps:

Types of football bets

There are many types of football bets, but most of them are based on versions or combinations of the basic types that we explain here:

1X2 Betting: Also called match winner bets are those in which you have to forecast whether the game will end in home win, draw or away win.
Double opportunity: They are the bets you win if two of the three chances of a game occur (home win, draw or away win).

Totals or plus/minus: In these bets, you predict whether the number d goals, corner kicks, yellow cards or whatever will exceed a certain number or not. For example: +2.5 goals at Leeds United – Everton, means that you win your bet if there are 3 goals or more in the match.

Handicap: They are predictions in which an advantage is given to one of the teams and the result is calculated as if that advantage had been real. For example in a -1.5 At Madrid Vs +1.5 Valencia, it means that to win a bet on the At. Madrid this team must win by a difference of 2 goals or more. If the game ended 1-0 for the At. Madrid, when applying the handicap would be as At Madrid 1 goal Vs Valencia 1.5 goals. Here you can read more about what the handicap is.

Break/End: You must guess which team will win (or if there will be a draw) at halftime and at the end of the game.

Exact marker: This football bet consists of predicting the exact number of goals that each team will score. For example, an exact score bet in football would be to predict that Peru is going to beat Chile exactly 2 to 1, so that if the game ends with any other result, you would lose the bet. The good thing about exact score bets in football is that they are usually paid very well and are among the highest odds you can get for a game. If you are going to make this type of bets, think that the most common results in most competitions are 1-1, 1-0, 2-1 and 0-1.

Striker: This time, you have to predict whether a player will score during the game. Football bookmakers also usually offer the possibility of betting that the player will score the first or last goal of the game.

The best competitions to make football bets

Many times we are asked what are the best competitions to make bets on football and, although we are tempted to say that they are the competitions that you like the most, we can actually be a little more precise.

The best competitions for making football bets are the competitions with the most follow-up by users. Therefore, they are usually the ones that you like the most, reader, but if you have not so conventional tastes, you will have to look at what the mass likes.

The reason is very simple: The competitions that everyone follows are also the ones that attract the most bets on football. In them, football bookmakers try to offer the best odds and promotions, since they know that they can surely attract new customers.