Free Strategies to Increase Instagram Followers


In today’s digital age, Instagram has become a powerful platform for individuals and businesses alike to reach a vast audience. However, gaining followers can be a daunting task. In this blog post, we’ll discuss three effective, free strategies to increase Instagram followers growth.

Engage Regularly with Your Audience

The first strategy is to engage regularly with your audience. This means responding to comments on your posts, liking and commenting on other users’ posts, and staying active in your Instagram Stories. This will not only demonstrate your commitment to your followers, but also increase your visibility and reach on the platform. Instagram’s algorithm favors profiles that have high engagement rates, so this can also help to boost your posts in your followers’ feeds.

Utilize Relevant Hashtags

The second strategy is to utilize relevant hashtags. Hashtags are an essential tool on Instagram that help to categorize your content and make it discoverable to users who are interested in your niche. By including relevant and popular hashtags in your posts, you can increase your chances of being discovered by potential followers. However, it’s important to avoid overdoing it with too many hashtags, as this can make your posts seem spammy.

Collaborate with Other Instagram Users

The final strategy is to collaborate with other Instagram users. This could mean partnering with influencers in your niche, joining Instagram engagement groups, or participating in shoutout-for-shoutout arrangements. These collaborations can help to expose your profile to a wider audience, and if the users you collaborate with have followers who are interested in your niche, this can result in a significant increase in your follower count.


Growing your Instagram following requires time, effort, and a well-planned strategy. By engaging regularly with your audience, utilizing relevant hashtags, and collaborating with other Instagram users, you can increase your visibility on the platform and attract more followers. Remember, the goal is not just to gain followers, but to build a loyal and engaged audience that values your content.