Guru Review – Is Guru a Legitimate Website For Freelancers?

Guru is a freelancing website with an expansive community of freelancers. There are no job posting fees charged here, with multiple payment methods such as PayPal, Payoneer and wire transfer all offered as payment methods; however there is a transaction handling fee of 2.9% applicable per transaction handled through Guru.

Guru offers freelancers the flexibility of working per hour, project or retainer contract. Employers can utilize its SafePay feature, which holds money in escrow until all work has been completed successfully.

It offers freelance jobs

Marketing services is an online service designed to connect freelancers with commissioned projects. Offering everything from writing and web design/coding work, Guru features a search feature to help narrow down which type of job best matches their skillset.

As soon as you become a member, you can customize your profile by including services and portfolios to distinguish yourself from other members and increase your chances of getting hired. Furthermore, using this platform provides a means of building up an extensive network of potential clients and collaborators.

This website also features a blog with advice for more abstract topics, like how to negotiate rates with clients in order to save money over time. In addition, they provide a safe payment system which requires employers to deposit funds in an escrow account before giving freelancers their payment; this feature protects freelancers against fraud while saving employers both time and hassle.

It offers a free membership

Service is available worldwide and accessible via both desktop and laptop computer. The user-friendly website provides easy navigation and provides extensive freelance job listings. Joining is free; however, in order to withdraw earnings you will require a verified account.

Freelancers can use Guru to respond to job ads with accurate quotes that outline their rates and services, while clients can post project requirements and collaborate with freelancers using a virtual WorkRoom.

Guru provides teams of all sizes with a powerful platform for increasing productivity and collaboration, using enterprise search and wiki solutions that integrate with popular tools for employees to quickly get answers they need to remain productive. Their site utilizes generative AI to surface relevant results for employees quickly while their dashboard offers users a quick overview of activity and earnings at any given moment.

It offers a paid membership

Paid membership gives you access to additional jobs and an upgraded profile. In addition, it entitles you to use WorkRoom – our dedicated online workspace designed specifically for projects. Payment methods accepted at our website include e-checks, PayPal payments, wire transfers, as well as phone and email customer support services.

Guru offers a search feature that filters results by price, location and skills; additionally it displays how many freelancers meet your criteria – it’s possible to locate freelancers for both one-off projects and long-term contracts.

Freelancers can use the platform to respond to client job posts and inquires, coordinate work with multiple freelancers in a WorkRoom, create lists of favorite freelancers, use its escrow-style payment protection system to secure payments and upgrade their profiles for greater exposure – increasing leads and earnings at the same time! In addition, this site also offers technical support services for its members.

It offers a verification fee

At its core, this website offers various membership options; by default you start out with a free account. However, this doesn’t provide access to jobs as you must first pay a fee in order to be verified before beginning earning money – this process typically takes one or two business days and after this point earnings can be withdrawn via direct bank transfer, PayPal or Payoneer accounts – or for larger sums through wire transfer services.

Guru’s ID Verification process creates a safe marketplace where both employers and freelancers can feel safe. Our system verifies freelancer identities using email address and phone number verification as well as credit/bank account confirmation to make sure our users are who they say they are.

Guru’s all-in-one enterprise search, wiki and intranet solution will increase efficiency across your global team by giving teams instant answers right in their workflow, surface pertinent data with AI features that surface relevant information quickly, secure data management with simple integrations and easy data integrations and stay organized thanks to secure, central data storage.