How Jewelry & Culture Are Connected Throughout The Human History

As can be seen from the history of the art form, the wearing of powerful and expensive jewelry has a long tradition of being associated with riches. It’s possible that we wear jewelry as a representation of our clothes and money or that we occasionally just wear it to flex our authority with personal jewelry that we’ve personalized for ourselves, but the genesis of jewelry is actually something else. We are not talking about the prehistoric era in which bones were used as the earliest form of jewelry ever worn. People believe that if they wear a religious symbol, it will both enhance their faith and protect them from harm. For this reason, religious symbols are respected by communities all over the world. Look for the most reputed and well-known Missouri jeweler from where you can buy your modern design jewelry. 

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Have you ever seen an episode of Fred Flintstone and the Flintstones? They used to string teeth together and wear them as a necklace; yes, you read that correctly; teeth were also used as jewelry during the stone age. The world’s first example of teeth being transformed into jewelry was just recently found in an area that is now known as Turkey in the contemporary day. The teeth were discovered in the area of atalhoyük, which was a Neolithic settlement between the years 6300 and 6700 BCE.

The teeth show signs of having been worn as well as handled after they have been extracted from their owners—most certainly after death, even though the teeth show no signs of deterioration or illness, but also prehistoric individuals most likely did not just pull teeth out of the of their heads for little or no reason. You can find such types of jewelry in modern time design from a reliable Missouri jeweler

Putting On a Show of Wealth With Expensive Jewelry

When a person in many different societies has acquired a significant piece of jewelry, they have two options: either they use it as a form of currency, or they trade it for other products. The majority of this can be attributed to the dowry. Jewels are typically owned by women, who are also responsible for their maintenance, despite the fact that the majority of jewelry producers are male. The ladies helped the family out of their financial predicament by donating the jewels to them during their time of need. This prevented the family from having to declare bankruptcy. In periods of economic growth, it was anticipated that the diamonds would be replaced with new ones. Beads made of wampum, pearls, and shells, in addition to other types of jewelry, were traded by Native Americans in the United States; in Asia, these items were traded between tribes; and in Africa, traders utilizing Venetian glass beads conducted these exchanges.

Customs and Traditions Regarding Native American Jewelry

Since time immemorial, Native Americans have been using their jewelry-making skills in ceremonial contexts. The numerous Native American tribes, each of which has its own distinctive aesthetic and artisanal tradition, are referred to as “bands.” The materials that they used included things like feathers and seashells, in addition to more fundamental approaches to dealing with metal. They were frequently carved with intricate motifs or set in geometric formations. By a significant margin, silver and turquoise gemstones were the two materials that were utilized most of the time. ‘ Beads, rings, necklaces, pendants, and even bespoke wedding bands and earrings were all pieces of jewelry that were crafted using turquoise. The headdresses that were worn by the chiefs of the various tribes were elaborately decorated and included only a small amount of feathers.

Although the connection between jewelry and religion has remained strong throughout history, the recent spike in demand for religiously inspired jewelry demonstrates how influential the Internet has become. As a result of the expansion of the global retail sector that has been fueled by the rise of online shopping, consumers today have access to an unmatched selection of aesthetically pleasing products from which to choose.


To be fair, the vast majority of us probably think of jewelry in terms of either an economic item or an accessory; yet, in truth, jewelry is significantly more than that. You might believe that the only reason you are wearing your personalized jewelry to a party is to make your friend envious, but at the same time, someone living in a different timeline or in a remote village deep in the forest might be wearing it to show their pride or participate in some other kind of traditional ceremony. You can easily find the best Missouri jeweler online and get in touch with them to buy the best jewelry as per your choice.