How To Boost Traffic Through Social Media?

How To Boost Traffic Through Social Media?

Businesses are trying to gain more organic traffic on their website and are referring to content management as their priority. But, the common problem is that they publish content regularly, but the website might fail to gain a recorded amount of traffic. This indicates that the generated content is unable to reach the target customers.

So, if your website is not attaining the benefits of content, you need to try different possibilities to spread your content to drive in as much traffic as possible. The most powerful tool is social media, where you can get pretty good results by sharing your content. It will surely double your traffic rate if you opt for a proper social media management program. Only a digital marketing agency in Kolkata can help you to form the right strategy.

5 Ways To Boost Traffic on Social Media

More than 3.4 billion active users are reported to be on the social media platform. Thus, any eCommerce website planning to gain traffic or convert visitors to lead can look up to social media tactics. These would persuade the audience to join your brand and generate a constant lead through digital engagement.

Social media profile optimization 

Social media profiles help you gain recognition, which is quite an efficient approach to boost a brand’s name and reputation quickly. It can drive traffic to any website, and for that, you must optimize both your social media profile as well as website. 

Fill out the biography and use relevant keywords. Do not miss any point while describing your profile; this would create brand awareness, and genuine information would build trust. Start looking for genuine social Media Management services Kolkata to assist you.

Create contents that can go viral

You must be pretty much accustomed to the term “Viral” while using a social media platform. Any content that has creativity, uniqueness and is relatable to the current situation tends to drive in more traffic. Under their criteria, the content that never seems to lose its value is MEMES. 

You must try out humorous or hilarious content that people are willing to share. This will also help to increase your reach. Further, you can try out contents that appeal to the human senses or can take up social media by storm.

Try creating visual content 

Contents with a visual aspect tend to gain more likes, comments and shares and easily generate traffic. Try out contents that speak volume and add authority to your brand. Try to link the marketplace or niche products, but the only criteria are that the content should be unique and meant for the target audience. 

You can go for a well-designed layout or visual that has a story. Try to create something out of the box so the audience can react positively. Refer to the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata for assistance.

Run social media contest 

Different social media platforms have unique features or interactive powers to help you connect with the audience. However, the one common thing that connects them all is the idea of social media contests. This would help to bridge the communication gap between the target audience and your brand. 

You can try out polls or contests and encourage the audience to share or discuss them. If you are using Instagram, try using hashtags or creating a poll in your story. In case you are using Twitter, then try engagement through question-answer rounds.

Participation in social groups

Social media have active communities that have a respective niche or interest to talk about. You need to identify your product’s inclination and join such groups on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Try to understand what the customers are expecting from your brand. 

Promote your products as an influencer, which would also help you introduce your store. Further, you also get the idea to improve the products, which is the most addictive process of promoting a business on a larger platform.


While using the social media platform to gain traffic, keep your content easy to share and readable regardless of age and sex. Try creating compelling captions or go through your competitors’ profiles to understand their strategies. 

You can also install a customer service chat box to respond to customer queries promptly. With the expert assistance of Meraqi Digital, you can get the best digital solutions by investing in social advertising.