How To Easily Record A Meeting In Teams?

If you conduct online meetings with Microsoft Teams, you should record them for sharing or later use. Teams make it simple to record meetings, but you must have the proper permissions and settings. In this blog post, we’ll demonstrate how to use iTop Screen Recorder, a potent and cost-free application that can capture any screen activity in excellent resolution, to record a meeting in Teams.

Why Use Itop Screen Recorder To Record A Meeting In Teams?

The features of the grabador de pantalla iTop go beyond simple screen recording. It also functions as a compressor, converter, sharer, and video editor. It is intended to make screen recording simple and effective for you. iTop Screen Recorder is the finest option to record a meeting in Teams for personal or professional reasons.

You might want to utilize iTop Screen Recorder to record a meeting in Teams for various reasons. It includes:

  • You can choose to record a custom region, a window, or the entire screen.
  • You can capture audio via your system sound, microphone, or both.
  • Use a webcam overlay to add your face and facial expressions to your recording.
  • Clip, crop, or annotate your recording using the built-in editing tools.
  • You can save your recording in several file types, including MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.
  • It only takes one click to upload your recording to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

How To Record A Meeting In Teams With iTop Screen Recorder?

You must follow these steps to grabar una reunión en Teams using iTop Screen Recorder:

  1. Get iTop Screen Recorder from the firm’s website.
  2. Open iTop Screen Recorder and customize the settings to your liking. You can select the output format, audio source, webcam option, recording mode, etc.
  3. Ensure you have the authorization to record the meeting before joining or starting one in Teams. You can verify this by selecting “Start recording” from the meeting toolbar’s three dots icon.
  4. Open iTop Screen Recorder and start recording by clicking the red “REC” icon. The hotkeys (F9 to start/stop, F10 to pause/resume) can also be used to manage the recording.
  5. To stop the recording after the meeting, click the “REC” button again or press F9. In the UI of iTop Screen Recorder, you may preview and edit your recording.
  6. To save your recording to your local folder, click the “Save” option. The “Share” option can upload your recording to social media websites.

Using iTop Screen Recorder, you captured a meeting in Teams successfully. The recording is now available for viewing, sharing, or deletion as desired.


You may keep track of significant talks and choices with Teams’ handy feature that allows you to record meetings. But if you want more adaptability and utility, you may easily record a meeting in Teams with iTop Screen Recorder. A free and capable screen recorder that can capture any screen activity in excellent definition is called iTop Screen Recorder. Additionally, numerous options exist to modify and distribute your recordings to others. Get iTop Screen Recorder right away to give it a try!