Wavlink WiFi extender setup

How to Fix Wavlink Extender Slow WiFi Connection Issue?

Wavlink wireless extenders are no doubt one of the best networking devices in the industry right now. However, these days, they have been causing issues. One such issue is Wavlink extender slow internet connection issue. In case you too are experiencing the same issue even after performing Wavlink WiFi extender setup, it is recommended that you make your way to the tips given in this article.

Why is Wavlink Extender Internet Slow?

Before we shed light on the solutions to troubleshoot the Wavlink extender slow internet connection issue, we would like to make you aware of the reasons why it occurred in the first place. They are as follows:

  • Weak Ethernet connection
  • Too much distance between devices
  • Signal interference or blockage
  • Technical glitches or hiccups
  • Impartial Wavlink extender setup

Now, you may refer to the troubleshooting tips mentioned below and gain an understanding of how to resolve the Wavlink extender slow internet connection issue once and for all with ease.

How to Speed Up Wavlink Extender Speed?

a) Get Rid of Technical Glitches

As mentioned above, one of the many reasons why you are facing the Wavlink extender slow internet connection issue is because of technical glitches. So, in order to fix the issue, you need to get rid of these glitches. This can be done with a simple restart. To reboot or restart the extender, you just have to disconnect it from the power source, wait for five minutes, and connect it back to the socket.

b) Change the Connection Source

The hack which you can implement to resolve the Wavlink extender slow internet connection issue is to change the connection source. This means that you if used a damaged wire to connect the devices, connect them wirelessly now and if you connected them wirelessly but with too less space between them, then connect them with an Ethernet cable.

c) Maintain a Safe Distance

Too much distance between the devices can sometimes prove to be harmful for them as it can prevent signal transmission from happening. Taking this into account, you should lessen the distance between the networking devices. However, avoid doing it too much. Otherwise, clashes will happen and will continue to face the Wavlink extender slow internet connection issue.

d) Relocate the Range Extender

Despite following all the troubleshooting tips mentioned above, in case you are still experiencing the Wavlink extender slow internet connection issue, then you should not waste any more time in relocating your networking device. While doing so, keep it away from cordless phones, washing machines, treadmills, televisions, Bluetooth speakers, mirrors, fish tanks, and microwave ovens.

What Now?

Are you still stuck with the Wavlink extender slow internet connection issue? Well then, your last resort is to reset and reconfigure the networking device. The same can be done if you locate and press the reset button located on the wireless range extender. You can only do this with the help of an oil pin.
Once done with the reset process, set up the device either using the WPS method or the ap.setup address. In case you want a detailed procedure to refer to for the execution of the setup process, then read the steps given in the user manual of the networking device. You will find everything related to your device in there.

The Bottom Line

This ends the article talking about how to resolve the Wavlink extender slow internet connection issue. If you were able to successfully fix it, then waste no more time in dropping a few of appreciation in the comment section. This needs to be done not for us, but for your fellow readers. The reason being, their confidence will get boosted. They will think that if one person can fix the issue, then so can they.
Also, if you figured out some other way via which the same issue can be fixed, share that as well with your fellow readers. Your efforts will not go to waste.