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If you’ve been reading The Huffington Article (currently formally called HuffPost) for a couple of years, you know that guest bloggers made use of to compose a lot of its content. The system has actually transformed over the years, yet writers are still welcome to pitch article concepts for the site. The procedure is very easy enough, but learning more about HuffPosts’s details demands as well as the style they want you to adhere to will certainly assist your submission and attract attention from the group. We can additionally tell you exactly how to contact HuffPost for various other factors, such as providing your digital photography work, giving them information scoops, or sending comments on a short article.

How do I contact The Huffington Blog post concerning an Guest post submission?

1. Always email the editorial group straight.

HuffPost will certainly not accept it if you send your pitch via a representative, PR person, or anybody else.

2. Send your lifestyle content for the category you think fits the best.

HuffPost doesn’t accept pitches for any topic and the bulk of its news and entertainment content is written by the company itself. However, you are able to contribute your writing by way of personal blog posts, or even articles on specific topics that have a wide appeal. Each one of these comes with its own email address:

For first-person, introspective stories regarding your very own experience, email the Personals area at [email protected] (for the US website) or [email protected] (UK). Get to the Canadian website at [email protected]

If you have any kind of questions regarding food preparation, food, and the area of food preparation, send an e-mail to [email protected].

For subjects on style and design, including influencers and social media site For inquiries about fashion and design subjects, call [email protected].

For write-ups on mental and physical health and wellness, fitness, and human habits, e-mail [email protected].

1. Offer classic journalism at HuffPost Enterprise. 

HuffPost often accepts pitches to provide unique reporting that is in line with its mission. Particularly, this includes stories on economic and social justice, political and environmental issues, as well as debates over these subjects. There are two ways you can submit your guest post

Email most journalism pitches to [email protected].

For opinion pieces on the Canadian news cycle, contact [email protected]. (The other English-language websites aren’t currently accepting guest opinions.)

Can I submit art video, audio, or other multimedia media or other media content to The Huffington’s guest Post?

Yes, visual contributors can send their details to the picture division.

Graphic musicians, video manufacturers, as well as any individual else in the visual arts can send their info to [email protected] straight (not through an agent or PR person). HuffPost does not respond to all submissions, yet an editor will reply if they have an interest in dealing with you. Consist of every one of the following in your e-mail:  

  • Your pay price
  • A brief biography describing on your own as well as your work history
  • A portfolio of your work

Does The Huffington Article pay authors?

Yes, mostly all released entries are paid.

The website did run an unsettled factor program for years, however that finished in 2018. Now it is tougher to get released on the website, but the authors that do obtain accepted for the primary site are always spent for their work. The precise amount appears to vary commonly, so be prepared to bargain: visitor writers report being paid an average of 20 cents per word, but occasionally as much as 50. The HuffPost sites for news outside of the United States might have slightly different plans. The Canadian website states that “numerous” of its writers are paid, for example.

Just how do I offer responses or modify the Huffington Post?

1. Correct errors using The Report Corrections button or by email.If you want to get in touch with HuffPost as an individual subscriber, there’s a variety of methods to get your information you need to the right location: 

To fix a mistake or typo, hit on the “Report Corrections” button at the end on the page. If your feedback isn’t about a specific article, email [email protected]

2. Contact customer support for help using the site.If you have questions about any site features, email or browse answers at

Send confidential news tips using safe methods only. 

When you’re privy to information that is insider information regarding an industry or a government organization, HuffPost will review it at [email protected] . The website recommends that you take every step to ensure your privacy and include:

Contacting them after work times, using public WiFi, or from the Internet browser’s private mode.

Utilize the SecureDrop system for file transfer with Tor Browser..

Eliminate the metadata from the files prior to sending them to the recipient. (For instance, any data that is created using in an Adobe PDF should have its metadata removed by through the menu File-> Properties -> Description -> Additional -> Metadata ->Advanced.

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