How To Setup Field Service In Salesforce?

How To Setup Field Service In Salesforce?

Salesforce is essential to keep up with your sales, customer service, analytics, customer relationship management software, marketing development, and marketing automation.

Often, one might have trouble setting Salesforce or Salesforce consulting for Field Service Lightning– whatever your problem is, we are here to assist you and make Salesforce easier for you!

How Does Salesforce Field LIghtning Service Work?

FSL (Field Service Lightning) makes sure you deliver your service to your customers quickly and efficiently. It makes aiding your customers virtually easier and assigns the right workers for the right situations and projects based on their skills, locations, and business rules.

Their Einstein AI vision makes it easier for workers to identify the parts that need to be fixed or replaced with a high first-time fix rate, making it easier for you, customers and employees.

FSL lets you control everything- from jobs to safety protocols with the help of their app. That way, you can keep workers up-to-date with the latest policies, procedures, and checklists.

You can use Salesforce to:

  • Use Personalized Marketing to gain more customers.
  • Help fulfill your customers’ needs and wants, which lets you secure more customers.
  • Make your customers’ experience with your company/ workers better.
  • Respond and take action to customers’ problems faster and with greater efficiency.
  • Build custom apps to automate tasks that take up a lot of time.
  • View your customer’s service history and case details in one place.
  • Schedule and dispatch work orders efficiently.
  • Get real-time visibility into field service performance.

How to Set Field Service in Salesforce

To set up Field Service in Salesforce, you need to:

  • Go “Set Up.”
  • Go to “Field Service Settings.”
  • Enable the “Field Service Lightning.”
  • Go to the “Notifications section” and enable Notifications by clicking on it. That will allow you or the mobile app user to get notifications. Enabling this on the FSL app will notify updates about orders and service appointments.
  • To set the due date on a specific day(s): Select “Days” after “Created Date” in the “Auto-Created Service Appointments” section.
  • To give the Service Appointment edit access: Select “Service dispatched service” appointments with the assigned resources. That works if the Sharing Access is in the Public or Read-Only Mode.
  • To give your Service Resource the edit access to Work Orders: Select Share service appointments and parent orders of the assigned resources if it’s on Public or Read-Only Mode.
  • Select “Work Order and Work Order Line Item” Fields in the “Knowledge Search” section to access knowledge articles. They are based on the fields you have selected.
  • Click “Save.”

Use FSL Managed Package

FSL Managed Package lets you access the dispatcher control, guided set-up, scheduling tools, and other FSL-related custom objects. It provides FSL Apex Namespace, enabling you to customize FSL’s functions and methods to suit your needs.

Set up your FSL Managed Package

  • Install the app from the browser by searching it on Google. Install it on Sandbox or Production.
  • You will find the “Field Service App” and the “Field Service Admin” apps together on the launcher.
  • Go to “Field Service Admin App.”
  • Then go to the “Field Service Setting tab.” 
  • Tap on “Getting Started” and then “Permission Sets.”
  • You will have to click on every file and give permission for the FSL. For that: Go to “Set Up” User. Click on the “Admin User.” Then “Edit Assignments” next to “FSL Admin License,” and lastly, FSL Admin Permissions, and hit “Save.”

How to Create Service Territories on FSL?

This is an easy step. You will have to enter the Service Territory name and add it. Click on New Operating Hours and enter them if your Service Territory needs them.

If you want to create Appointments, select your designated starting hour and ending hour, among with your time zone, and save it.

Creating Work Type and Skills

Enter your Work Type name and click Add. Fill in other necessary information, like Estimation Duration and Duration Type, choose the Skill Type Auto-Create Service Appointment and you are done!

Create Service Resource

  • Select “User”
  • Now go to “Resource Name.”
  • Click “Service territory.”
  • Click the “License” and click “Add.”


Hopefully, this article answers many of the questions regarding Field Service in Salesforce. It is necessary to remember that Salesforce may look complicated and complex at first, but it is not difficult to learn it.

Salesforce will make managing your workers and customers easier with the proper guidance and tips. You can also join Salesforce courses for beginners just a click away!

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