How to treat dry skin on face: a list of dos and don’ts

Is dry skin on your face bothering you? You have come to the right place! Follow these skin care tips and experience your skin get fly from dry.

Dry skin on the face seems to be a common concern among woman. No matter how old you are, dry skin does affect everyone. Fortunately, its something that can be dealt with easily. Here we have a guide of dos and don’ts that you must learn to get rid of dryness on your face!

Don’t stick to the same skincare routine the entire year

Do bear in mind your surroundings

So, its common knowledge that your skin tends to get dry in the winter, which ultimately calls for the application of moisturizing skincare products. but what many of you are not aware of is the fact that spending long hours in the sun can also cause your skin to dry out.

So, for this it’s essential that you apply a light weight moisturizer along with some sunscreen regularly. A spf like sunny day gel formula by Pinksoul is great for your skin. it absorbs instantly on your skin and doesn’t leave an oily impact. When combined with a moisturizer, this skincare product can act as a seal to protect your skin from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun even in the cooler months. 

Don’t pledge to a 24hr cream

Do acclimatise your moisturizing regime to the time of the day

Did you know that your skins MO is consistently changing all through the day? it switches from defence mode to self-repair. So, if you wish to acquire the best out of both these functions, make sure your AM regime is different than your PM regime. 

For your AM skincare, a spf, cleanser and a moisturizer should be at the top of your list at all times. In the PM however, you might want to go for some hardcore skincare products like serums, eye creams and penetrative moisturizers. 

If you have dry sensitive skin then you need to trust Let’s Glow Serum by Pinksoul. It clarifies and evens out your skin tone, revitalizing it with the infusion of vitamin C and E. 

Butter cookies moisturizer by Pinksoul is another option that you may want to consider. This skincare product goes beyond your skin layers, hydrating it thoroughly. It also strengthens your skin barrier as it moisturizes it, so you know where to turn to while you catch some sleep.

Don’t stay up too late

Do get some beauty sleep

7-8 hours of sleep every night is essential for your skin to recover and repair itself. Factors like stress and lack of sleep can contribute to dry and dehydrated skin. Glowing skin, fewer wrinkles, healthy hair and a youthful appearance are among the many benefits of snooze time. No wonder, they call it beauty sleep!

Don’t smudge on layers of makeup

Do remove your makeup every day

Heavy and powder-based makeup products do not only give you a cakey appearance but also creases into fine lines drawing attention to flaky skin. Therefore, it is suggested that you opt for a tinted moisturizer or bb cream and go for blushers and bronzers that will give you a dewy complexion. But you should always bear in mind, that regardless of the kind of makeup you are wearing, you must take it off before going to sleep. 

Pro tip: keep a few cotton pads along with Papaya Cleansing Milk from Pinksoul on your nightstand, so no matter how lazy you feel you wipe off your makeup before bed. 

Don’t forget to keep your water bottle with you at all times

Do stay hydrated inside out

Its no secret that keeping hydrated is vital to skincare. hence it is advised that you take in plenty of water every day. it will not only keep your body healthy but is also important for your skin which is the most essential organ. You must bear in mind the 8 by 8 rule which calls for taking in eight-ounce glasses of water on a regular basis. This will not only hydrate your body but will give you the desired glow. 

don’t use strong skincare products

do use non-soap cleansers

you should at all costs avoid over using skincare products that contain alcohol, strong chemicals and fragrances. These can be harsh on your skin and cause your skin to strip off its natural oils, making it dry. So always use cleanser that contain ceramides and try not to include products that comprise additives in your skincare. 

if youre facing dry, flaky skin, don’t worry. Just follow these simple skincare tips and youre all set to conquer the world!