I’d Rather Do These 8 Things on Black Friday

It’s wonderful to go shopping on Black Friday. Inconspicuously cutting in front of other people in lines, getting up at ungodly hours of the night, and buying things you don’t need because they’re on sale are all part of the Black Friday experience. Also, both your and your coworkers’ Thanksgivings will be shortened as a result. Stores are opening as early as 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving, a day traditionally reserved for feasting at home with loved ones, in an attempt to capitalize on the Black Friday shopping frenzy. Getting off the couch, braving the elements, and entering a world full of nutjobs is the last thing I feel like doing right now. Some examples of this are listed below.

1. Accept my food coma

We recommend taking the day off on Friday to rest and digest the mountain of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes you consumed yesterday.

2. Sleep

This is to be expected during the healing procedure! Despite urban legends to the contrary, the tryptophan content of turkey is not to blame for a lack of energy after a big meal. Turkey has the same amount of tryptophan as other poultry, and even less than chicken, according to WebMD.

3. Regular Physical Activity

On the day after Thanksgiving, I find that getting out for a walk or doing some other form of physical activity helps me immensely, both in terms of mood and feelings of guilt. You could get some exercise by strolling through a shopping center or story, but wouldn’t you rather do something that will make your dog happy? Relax once more on the sofa.

4. Fast

If I’ve been eating nonstop all day, I’d rather abstain from food than go shopping on Black Friday; and that’s saying a lot, because I LOVE FOOD. It’s not good for me to skip meals for an entire day, but I’d rather deal with the anxiety of Black Friday than my health.

5. Take the day off and get a massage.

Instead of suffering from tired legs and a stiff back from standing in line all day, treat yourself to a massage and a day of relaxation. Eating as much as you did the day before was a lot of work, and in just a few days you’ll be heading back to school to take on finals.

6. View a bunch of holiday films all at once

Now is the time to binge-watch all the bad Christmas movies you can find. Instead of fighting over a television or cheap DVDs, I think I’ll just curl up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate and a fuzzy blanket and watch every holiday movie on Netflix.

7 . Work ahead on your assignments

It’s strange to put it in writing, but I’d rather do my homework than go shopping. Why bother returning to school and beginning the week of finals with anxiety? Without resorting to the extremes (getting up at the crack of dawn or skipping lines), I intend to spend Friday working ahead.

8. spend time with your loved ones

On Friday, my family and I are going to stay in, make healthy food, and go for a walk with the dogs. Some families have made going shopping on Black Friday after Thanksgiving a tradition, which I personally think is fine if done responsibly. I think a successful Black Friday would involve spending time with loved ones.

Make sure you’re content with whatever it is you partake in on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Be grateful for what you already have rather than fixating on what you can get for little money. Don’t let the bargains drive you crazy. Moreover, even after Black Friday Deals is over, there are still some excellent sales to be had.