Introducing the new DUCATI Hypermotard 939/939SP

The Hypermotard 939/SP is a bike with a high vision, sharp handling, and the occasional smell of burnt tires, a bike that is pure hardcore Italian style with aggressive red lines that will once again excite your senses.

The revamped Hypermotard 939/SP will once again stir your senses!
The Ducati Hypermotard 939, the most frugal bike in the Ducati range at the front, is not what you might expect. The Hypermotard 939/SP will once again take the front wheels off the surface of the earth.

The most obvious change in name is the increase in displacement from 821.1cm3 to 937cm3, the increase in maximum power from 110ps to 113ps, the increase in torque by 10 percentage points and the reduction in the rpm required for maximum power/torque by 250rpm, for a more direct and sharp performance of the engine. The Hypermotard 939 has an oil cooler to enhance the overall thermal efficiency.

The enlarged bore of the Testastretta 11° provides even greater performance.
The Hypermotard’s sharp handling has always been a trademark of the Hypermotard, and its wide 70° steering angle is a special feature.

The sleek headlamps with their beak-like upper beak, the M-shaped positioning lights and the new LED directional lights integrated into the bow guards are very recognizable, technical and well-coordinated.

The M-shaped positioning lights create a menacing atmosphere, the LED directional lights in the bow guard are pleasingly shaped and highly recognizable at night, and the thin LED taillight maintains the aesthetics of the rear. The Hypermotard 939/939 is also available in a variety of formats.

Hypermotard 939/939SP difference
The displacement update has been applied to all Hypermotard models, except for the standard version (Hypermotard), the touring version (Hyperstrada) and the most streamlined version, the Hypermotard 939 SP, with its striking red and white paintwork.
The Hypermotard 939 SP features Öhlins 48mm fully adjustable inverted forks, Öhlins fully adjustable monobloc rear shock, not only for better sporting performance but also for longer suspension travel to cope with extreme driving conditions, aided by extremely light magnesium valve covers, carbon fiber short earth and Marchesini forged wheels. With a dry weight of 178kg, the Hypermotard 939 SP is a formidable competitor on the race track. (Standard version with KYB 43mm fully adjustable inverted fork and Sachs fully adjustable monobloc rear shock)

For those who don’t need to race, the standard Hypermotard 939 is just as much fun, with Bosch 9.0MP ABS and Ducati Traction Control (DTC) on all bikes. modes are available in different modes. The standard version is available in SPORT, TOURING and URBAN. The 939 SP is available in RACE, SPORT and WET modes.

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