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Learn Book Writing Art in 10 Easy Steps

Every layperson wants to become a writer, and every writer wants to become the best of all. We don’t know yet, but there is some magic in writing other professions lack. Remember, you cannot become a writer unless you try your brain’s maximum potential. Don’t expect to stay up late at night, scrawl your best plot concept, and shout – on your face, S. King. If you do so, you can go and watch the mirror closely and enjoy a joker act for free (no pun intended).

Writing is an art that even Da Vinci, Picasso, Van Gogh, Leonardo, and others left for the sake of paintings. Even though these artists were into visual works during the Renaissance art era, their every oeuvre had underlying meanings. And to prove this, we can envisage international art galleries and Sotheby’s and Christie’s auctions. The two are the world’s biggest art sellers, where people give their appraisals. They speak and whisper words to describe the stunning art hanging on walls or resting inside canvases.

Similarly, online agencies offering book writing services polish crude drafts/manuscripts into worthy writer works. See, it’s the writing that makes it or breaks it. You and us can draw the best sketches, but the dustbin is at the corner if people don’t bestow it with positive reviews. No kidding!

Bear in mind that writing and art are two sides of the same coin. For instance, if you flip it in the air, the coin whirrs soundlessly with both surfaces intact. In other words, you cannot separate the two poignant entities from one another. It would be best to think of writing as an art and absorb the following captions to improve it over time. Let’s do this!

1. Speak out Loud to Yourself

Although you talk with people daily and have good long conversations and gossip with family and friends, self-dialog is precious. After a long and hectic daily routine, you can shut your room’s door and unbend your window curtains to commence self-talk. Speak your mind and use psychology’s free-association technique to reveal every conscious and unconscious secret. You can also befriend a writer working at some famous book-writing company you met in the local library. Ask for assistance and how you can use your thoughts and perceptions to help you progress as a writer.

2. Storify your Conversations

Imagine you wake up and are in the middle of a movie trailer. No, you don’t need to wash your face and catch a glimpse of sun rays to rehearse a film scene. Be natural and true to yourself, and speak whatever comes to mind. Remember, narrate a few words or passages to yourself before trying to convince others about your “Attenborough-ish” narrator skills.

You can start practicing spontaneously with your family during breakfast. But to escape the untimely embarrassment, it’s better to contact a professional book writing agency USA writers endorse. Having a mentor by your side who understands your feelings is a great blessing. Besides, only a writer can understand another writer.

3. Swap your Ink Pen with a Painter’s Brush

Don’t write down on paper with a pen for granted. Feel every move of the stylograph as you swivel the nib while writing. Take every word as a master stroke as you put it – and rubber-stamp it with your thoughts. Hence, enjoy the writer’s profoundness, like how painters of the past relish while brushing, splotching, and dabbing water paints. We guarantee you will enjoy every piece you write. You will feel like writing artlessly to create the perfect writer’s arty masterwork.

4. Hit the Keyboard like an in-sync Pianist

Apply the same formula you just read above and hit the keyboard keys as if you’re writing a soaring write-up score. Like how a pianist at an orchestra attendance gives the best, roar with every hit – bestseller plot as you “silently clickety-clack.” Imagine following in the footsteps of piano rolls, but with your fingers. Please do not put a medley of words on paper. It’s better to know what you’re up to – with your writing thoughts and process.

5. Fly your Thoughts with Freestyle Writing

No doubt, it’s good to be strict and sit upright while writing, but please do not take it too seriously. A writer is a special creature of God and the brightest human if they use their talent virtuously. So, don’t forget your intuitive enactment; write creatively with thoughts flowing like a river.

6. Read Books and Blogs

Writing vigorously and trying to become the best writer in the world without reading is like eating a juicy invisible fruit. So, you better thrive at the library and your computer zone if you wish to flourish as a writer.

7. Jot thought-provoking Lyrics

Sometimes it feels good to become a makeshift lyricist. Not only does it help you churn your thoughts imaginatively, but it makes you aware of yourself and your surroundings. Thus, making you a better writer in due course.

8. Watch Intense Movies

Nothing can beat the films that take you to the edge of your sitting furniture. Falling the chairs and sofas is enough to announce acclamation for the movie you’re watching. Besides hurting yourself in curiosity, it’s like taking your bland brains to the gym. Watching theatrical blockbusters help you clean all the wishy-washy thoughts and replace them with far-fetched imaginations.

9. Hang on to Cliffhangers

Whether you pause at the chapter’s end, the book’s conclusive page, or in real life, take tragedies as life’s “bonus” experience. Sway from them immediately but stick your minds to them heedfully. Think about them and how you shrewdly escaped them. Congruently, put your stories cleverly to take the readers off guard with amazement.

10. Knockdown Writer’s block with the right Tools

This is surely every writer’s biggest nightmare – to get caught up in the middle of writer’s block. It feels like you’re getting spun by a spider in your mind; you cannot escape it but whirl endlessly. Now, it’s time to take out the small dagger in your pocket. Of course, that idea helped you get rid of the writer’s fatal ailment. Please have good plan-A and B, right to the Zs alongside makeshift writer habits to rescue you soon.

End Note

We hope our interesting and best ten writing techniques will come in handy for you. Remember to practice, practice, and repeat. You got the internet, like your mind full of ideas and thinking freedom. So, don’t forget to search the web for some good wordsmith wisdom. Goodbye!