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8 Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season

The recent pandemic led to great economic turmoil worldwide. However, now that the restrictions have been lifted, shoppers are expected to go all out to make the most of this covid-free holiday season. According to Numerator, customers are expected to spend approximately USD 150 – USD 200 during these Christmas holidays. Consequently, marketers are busy developing marketing Strategies which also include unique customer appreciation day 2023 ideas for memorable shopping experiences. As most people wait the entire year to shop during this time, businesses want to cash in on it.  

The Perfect Holiday Marketing Strategies 

By implementing the right marketing strategies, businesses can make the most of this special time of the year. Let us shed light on some of the best holiday marketing strategies. 

Starting Early 

One of the best tips for an effective holiday marketing plan is to start early. Building suspense before the festive season begins is an amazing way to target customers that wait throughout the year to shop during these sales. It can also help to create awareness, build hype, and give the companies more time to collaborate with other brands to offer limited-time deals specifically for this time. 

To begin celebrations early, businesses can create new website landing pages dedicated entirely to the theme, send personalized text messages, and use e-mail marketing for holiday-specific e-mails. 

Personalize the Website 

As Christmas is the most anticipated time of the year, a good engagement strategy can be to redesign the company website according to the theme. Websites that modify their designs to follow festive themes tend to perform better and show a higher level of customer engagement.  

There are multiple ways to optimize websites for the holiday season. Here are a few of them: 

  • Use Festive CTA: Use the right holiday-themed content and colors to target CTA to shoppers. 
  • Focus on Personalization: Focus on personalized holiday greetings in e-mails, website chats, and text messages to invite shoppers to look at the company’s offers.  
  • Improve website functionality: Make sure the website can take the load before initiating a campaign online. Poor website speed can hinder customer experiences, which can be damaging to the business.  

Provide Early Access to Members 

Many companies already use this strategy to retain their loyal members by offering them the privilege of redeeming deals earlier. This makes them feel rewarded and convinces them to make quick purchase decisions due to the limited-time offers.  

Offer Free Shipping 

Let us face it. No matter how expensive a product is, a glance at the shipping fee makes the customer pause for a moment. Since most customers wait to shop during the Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year sales, companies can display their holiday spirit by offering it free or charging it over a certain amount. This way, customers will not have second thoughts before making a purchase. 

Special Refund Policy 

Offer the customers a good refund policy throughout the festive season. If the standard procedure is to accept returns within 30 days of the purchase, extend this for a month or two to offer convenience. When customers know they can get a full refund, they become less hesitant in making purchases. 

Show Your Holiday Spirit 

Customers look for enjoyable experiences. Therefore, it can be a great idea to update window displays, design new landing and homepages, print new holiday-themed shopping bags, offer gift wrapping services, come up with exclusive products, and so much more to make shopping experiences worthwhile. 

Offer Gifts 

Another engagement strategy is to offer complimentary items with purchases to join in on the holiday spirit. The gifts will make the customers happy and put them in the shopping mood. An example of a gift can be a free keychain with every purchase or free shipping over a certain amount. 

Use Video Marketing Techniques 

What other better way to deliver a holiday message than a video that can be shared all over the company’s social media in a single click? Companies can use creative content in videos to spread holiday cheer among viewers. They can also insert holiday-specific content to influence customer purchase decisions.