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Netgear Extender Not Accepting Router Password? Let’s Fix It!

To enter the final stage of the Netgear extender setup process, one needs to enter the WiFi password of the main router on the extender’s admin panel. However, many users have complained about their Netgear extender not accepting router password.

Before you consider yourself among those users, we advise you to see whether the WiFi password entered by you is correct or not. It is because many users in a hurry, input the incorrect value of the host gateway’s (here, the router) WiFi password on the Netgear extender setup wizard and end up facing problems.

After entering the password again, retry connecting the extender to the router’s network and see if you can proceed further. Just in case you are not able to get through the process, it is a sign that you need to spend some more time troubleshooting the problem. Keeping that in mind, walk through the advanced as well as basic tips mentioned in the next section to get the problem resolved.

Basic Hacks: Extender Not Accepting Router’s Password

  1. Power Cycle the Network

Sometimes, technical glitches are the factors to be blamed for causing the issue in the discussion. Well, the history of technical glitches is always unknown. But, it never means that you cannot kick them off. All you have to do is implement the simplest hack of power cycling the network.

When it is about power cycling the network, you need to power down the router first and your Netgear range extender after that. The choice of disconnecting the cable joining both networking devices is yours. Now, you need to wait for a decent amount of time. 20 minutes will be ideal. Once done, rearrange the Ethernet cable and power up the devices in the same sequence as you powered them down. Now, access the dashboard of the extender on a web browser and see if the extender accepts the router’s WiFi password or not. If not, the next hack can be given a shot.

  1. Empty the Internet Browser’s Cache

Like every web browser, the one you are using right now might have cached the admin portal of your Netgear range extender. Well, there is no problem with other websites as the loading speed gets increased due to cache and cookies. However, the situation is completely different with the networking devices management console.

Therefore, you are advised to erase the cache and cookies of the web browser that you have put to use. If you update it to the recent software version, then it will be good for you as it will eliminate other errors and make your web browser more secure. Whether you want to upgrade the web browser or erase its cache, you only need to access the Settings panel.

So, these were the basic fixes that might help you if your Netgear extender is not accepting the router’s password. But, in case you are still finding yourself in no luck, the advanced hacks rounded up in the next section can be given a shot.

Advanced Tips: Extender Not Accepting Router’s Password

  1. Bring the Extender Closer to the Router

The extender will only be able to connect to the router and the password acceptation process will become possible if the distance between both devices is optimal. The parameter that satisfies the scale of the optimal distance ranges from 8-10 ft. Your devices must be placed within this distance. If you keep them too far, then there is no chance of communication between them and the issue will keep troubling you. Placing them too close is also not recommended. On the off chance, that it is a Netgear router whose password is not being accepted by the router, we suggest you go for a Netgear router firmware update before that.

  1. Reset the Extender

If you are still unable to get the problem fixed, then no hack other than starting everything from scratch can help you out. Therefore, you must look for the hole labeled Reset on the extender and press the button inside it using a sharp object. The button must be pressed for 15-30 seconds. After that, your range extender will reset and will get ready for the setup process again.

That’s all what to do your Netgear extender does not accept the router’s WiFi password. We hope that with the help of the troubleshooting tips (basic or advanced), you will be able to get the problem resolved and have an amazing WiFi experience with your range extender.