Overtime Megan

Overtime Megan is an up and coming Tik Tok content creator making waves in her industry. She offers dance videos, montages, lip sync challenges, storytimes and POVs in her repertoire of content creation.

Bishop Fenwick High School. Her popularity on all platforms was demonstrated through her fan base that is unwavering.

Biographical Information

Overtime Megan is an American TikTok Star and Instagram celebrity with a huge fan following on both platforms. Additionally, she serves as a style blogger. Megan’s captivating videos and captivating photos have cemented her fame; her unique style draws people to her. As a dedicated content creator who strives for her goals every day.

Overtime Megan Leak has an avid passion for sports. She began her career in sports media by joining Overtime, a Gen Z-focused sports network. Now with over 2.1 million followers on TikTok alone and video content such as lip syncs, montages, and challenges under her belt – Megan continues to make waves in sports journalism!

Megan Eugenio is an attractive young woman with a slim body type. She boasts brown hair and eyes, which complement her well-kept figure. A passionate basketball enthusiast, Megan was born 17 October 1999 in the US of Caucasian ethnicity to Mark and Michelle Eugenio; she has one brother named Joshua; graduated Bishop Fenwick High School before continuing on at Pace University for further studies.

Net Worth

Megan Eugenio has amassed an immense following on social media due to her dedication and consistency in producing quality content on TikTok for some time now, affiliated with sports brand Overtime as well as OT House; plus she even hosts her own podcast alongside notable individuals like Juju Smith-Schuster!

TikTok user Krystal Lee has shared numerous montages, lip-sync videos, challenges, storytimes and POVs on her account. Additionally, she has amassed over 570,000 followers on Instagram.

Overtime Megan stands out from many internet personalities by using her real name instead of pseudonyms to build trust with her audience. Born and raised in Massachusetts, she now resides with her family in New York City after attending Bishop Fenwick High School before enrolling at Pace University here in New York as an undergraduate. A follower of Christianity, Overtime Megan celebrates her birthday every October 17th.

Social Media Following

Overtime Megan is an established Tiktok star and Instagram influencer known for her captivating photos and videos, drawing huge audiences both to her social media accounts as well as to Instagram, where she posts photos from basketball matches she attends. She boasts a sizeable fan following across both platforms.

Megan has quickly gained notoriety for her engaging content and striking physical appearance. Her bold personality and dance style has won over a large following of supporters, while she understands her audience well, regularly sharing engaging posts that resonate with them.

Born and educated in Massachusetts, she graduated Bishop Fenwick High School before enrolling at Pace University to receive her undergraduate degree. With millions of viewers around the globe tuning in for her videos online, she quickly established an enormous presence online – particularly following an incident involving hackers publishing private images online without authorization, an event which garnered much media coverage online and caused considerable dismay online – leading her to spend some time offline as a result of this outrage.


Social media celebrity and model Overtime Megan has quickly gained widespread fame through her engaging content on social media and amassed an enormous following on the platform. Additionally, she has secured endorsement deals with fitness and fashion brands alike.

Megan is a young influencer with a substantial following on Instagram and regularly posts photos and videos documenting her activities. Her followers love her bold personality and quirky sense of humor; Megan also enjoys fitness activities and has participated in fitness photoshoots; she’s also an avid basketball fan and regularly attends matches.

Megan recently started her own podcast on YouTube and uploads video content that answers queries from fans. She has featured notable individuals like Juju Smith-Schuster in these shows, among others. Megan attended high school locally before enrolling at university in New York where she is studying. Unfortunately, there has not been much talk about Megan’s family life or any details regarding Megan.