Rico Suarez

Rico Suarez: A Man Who Doesn’t Let Anything Stop Him From Achieving His Goal

The story of Rico Suarez is a perfect explanation of the expression “from grass to grace.” Rico went through a rough time growing up, and many in his situation would have given up on their dreams. 

Unlike most of his peers, Rico was determined to conquer his limitations and be of great service to the world. While his mother was still pregnant with him, his parents migrated from Colombia in South America to the United States. While in the United States, Rico shared a small room with two of his siblings. As a child, Rico suffered from an eating disorder that left him with abnormally low body weight. 

He also had asthma as a young teenager. Rico came from a home that wasn’t the perfect one for a kid to live in. He recounted that there was always yelling and aggressiveness almost every day in their house. Rico rarely saw his father as a kid due to the nature of his father’s job. His parents separated while he was still in high school. People bullied him due to his body size, and he also suffered from anxiety and depression. Rico was a victim of medical malpractice and almost died from a jet-ski accident that forced him to get facial reconstruction surgery. All these were enough to make anyone lose faith in life and resign to whatever life brings his way. 

On the contrary, Rico Suarez chose to remain determined and focused on making great things out of life. Today, Rico is a multi-talented personality in Hollywood, a brilliant actor, and model. He has had a very successful modeling career and works as an ambassador for some brands like JCPenney, Target, Forever 21, and Adidas. Rico has also been featured in BITMAP Magazine, Naluda Magazine, Medium’s Authority Magazine, In Touch Weekly, Afterbuzz, Sports Byline, and ABQ Journal. He also appeared in many commercials like the SuperBowl LIV BayCare Commercial.

Today, Rico has overcome his eating disorder and currently enjoys a great body shape. He is six feet tall and weighs 175 pounds. Rice is evidence that you can transform whatever life throws at you into greatness. Aside from his entrepreneurial achievements, Rico is a devoted activist. He has gone on three different mission trips to Ecuador, Peru, and Nicaragua. He aimed to assist rural communities in gaining access to primary health care, good schools, and sanitation during those trips. 

Rico has also launched a humanitarian brand called RICO (Rich in Caring for Others). He has passed through tough times growing up and understands the difference he can make in others’ lives in a similar situation today. The life of Rico Suarez has taught us that it doesn’t matter how you started; if you are determined and persistent enough, you can turn the table around for good. 

Rico has this message for all the people out there; “Do not listen to the outside noise. People will try to frustrate and weigh you down along the way, but the most important thing is that you continue to work on your craft irrespective of what anybody says about it

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