Rockspace WiFi Extender Won’t Stay Connected: Resolved

There comes a point in the life of a WiFi user when his networking device faces issues staying connected. The problem sounds quite unreal when it occurs with respect to a Rockspace range extender. Many users have complained that their range extenders do not stay connected to their devices. That can happen if they haven’t completed the Rockspace extender setup process properly. But, that’s just one scenario and the user is supposed to set his/her device completely to fix the situation.

The situation can be exasperating if the WiFi range extender won’t stay connected even after a successful installation process. In that case, the user needs to follow the tips highlighted below in order to address the problem. If you too are experiencing similar issues with the range extender, then you can also take the aid of this post. Stick to the reading.

Why Does Rockspace Extender Won’t Stay Connected?

The connectivity problem with the Rockspace extender may arise in case no internet connection is there. But, before you call your Internet Service Provider and inquire about anything, have a regular check on the cable connection related to your range extender and the main router. Here’s what you are supposed to examine:

  • The entire length of the LAN cable to see if it is damaged from any point.
  • Connection at the ports. For your information, it is supposed to be nowhere near loose.
  • See whether the correct ports have been utilized by you for the connection between the range extender and router.

Everything is perfect with the LAN connection and you’re still getting problems? No worries! We have some more troubleshooting techniques in this post. Walk through them to troubleshoot the issue.

Fixed: Rockspace Extender Won’t Stay Connected

1. Change the Extender’s Location

The location of a WiFi range extender plays a pivotal role in deciding its efficiency. It means the more optimal the location, the more the efficiency of the extender. Thus, you need to cross-verify the location at which your extender sits. For this, make sure that you have not kept the extender near a device that functions through electromagnetic signals. This is because the signals emitted by extenders are also EM. They will mess up with those emitted by other devices.

Try to place the range extender in the central area of your house. Doing so will ensure that the signals approach evenly to all parts of the house. Do not make the mistake of choosing a space where reflexive surfaces or objects carrying a large amount of water are present.

2. Update the Firmware

This troubleshooting hack can be implemented if the extender has an internet connection available. You must know that problems like the one in the discussion can also be an outcome of the outdated version of the extender’s firmware. The outdated firmware version is capable of bringing other major issues to your table. Therefore, you should equip your Rockspace range extender with the latest firmware version immediately.

To update the extender’s firmware, connect any of your client devices to the Rockspace_ext WiFi network and load an internet browser. Download the firmware file for your Rockspace range extender according to its model number. Once done, access the dashboard or the BASIC Home page of the extender through its login IP and look for the Firmware Update option. Click the option and upload the file on the next window. During the firmware update process, remember to stay on the same window and not interrupt the process by powering down the extender.

The Conclusion

From the points discussed in this article, it can be concluded that right from the weak LAN connection to the outdated firmware version, various reasons can cause the Rockspace extender won’t stay connected issue. Here’s to hope that you will be able to fix the issue easily since we’ve discussed a few troubleshooting tips in this post. But, if you still fail, you can proceed to reset the range extender and complete its installation from scratch.