Send out relatable and funny memes or jokes.

You’re probably unaware, but Facebook is a well-known platform for memes, jokes, and other funny content.

Like trend-jacking memes, memes can be an excellent way to increase Facebook engagement by sharing content that appeals to your users’ sense of humor.

But, humor isn’t for every brand, mainly B2B. However, what to do instead is develop fun or lighthearted content to add some fun to your brand and your website click here.

Make or share short tests.

This idea was an inspiration for the Buzz feed quiz. The well-known media and content company made the phenomenon famous by creating a quiz based on any subject or item.

You can make this your own using tools such as the Quiz Maker or Qzzr and get Feedback. It is also possible to use trusted devices such as Hub spot, Type form, and Survey Monkey to begin.

While the quizzes are located in a separate domain or site, the thing that draws people’s attention with users on Facebook will be the result. After the examination, ask users to share their findings in the comments or, even better, post the results on their profile. You can also tag your page!

Ask open-ended questions

As with the article above, asking open-ended questions can be an excellent method of starting a conversation.

Your questions could be as simple as asking them to list their top purchases from the shop, their most memorable memories from a particular product or location, or an issue that provokes thought, such as their position on sustainability or leadership.

The right questions for the right audience could earn you an impressive amount of engagement that can naturally increase the quality of your content and start conversations between your readers and you.

Have a fun game of ‘Caption this.’

The game is straightforward; however, it can bring Feedback and interaction from your fans!

Choose a picture of yours, which should be humorous, relatable, or epic, and then post it with the caption ‘Caption this. Simply one word, you can go with it and watch for friends and followers to view the photo, and a flood of captions that could be posted will flood your comments.

Host giveaways and fan challenges for fans.

If you’re looking for a reliable way to capture your visitors to pay attention and boost engagement, you should host giveaways or contests that your target audience is attracted by. It is possible to offer free products or gift packs, discounts, or even a free trial.

Be aware that your offering must be relevant and unique to the target market and your product or business.

Here’s a fantastic example of a timely Facebook giveaway. To celebrate the brand’s anniversary of one year, they decided to show their appreciation to their supporters and customers by hosting a contest because they’re a clothing label, so the prize was their top-selling item.

Go on Facebook Live

One feature you must consider trying out on Facebook Live can be Facebook Live. It is a simple feature to stream live videos to your followers anytime you want and cranks up your engagement.

Don’t worry about extravagant creations or the use of special effects. Your customers will appreciate honest, unfiltered material showcasing the brand’s “human” side.

You could host Facebook Live, which gives viewers an inside look at making their most loved products, an insight into daily operations, or an informal chat with them to ask the participants how they’re doing.

The live video format is ideal for corporate outings, essential trade shows, or events they cannot attend. After the live broadcast is completed, the video is saved to ensure that other viewers can see, share and enjoy it at any moment.

An excellent example of an interesting live-streamed video comes from Sanicare. They staged a live Yoga event for its followers.

It’s not an exercise-focused company, but its target audience’s most pressing need at the time was to relax and unwind from their busy work-from-home schedule. They joined forces with local yoga studios to host the informative live class to assist their customers read more.

Discuss your charitable organizations and causes

Collaboration with a non-profit? Post your thoughts on the matter!

Please tell us how your company contributes in the name of the community. Please explain why you care about the cause and how it benefits your business!

Emotionally appealing posts are typically well received by Facebook users and thus receive high engagement. Perhaps these charitable organizations or causes might earn some brownie points from these supporters.

Send awards or nominations.

A prize or even a nomination is an excellent opportunity to enhance your company’s image. It highlights your accomplishments and showcases your talents and talents!

Your followers, whether they be current or future customers, will be able to see how great you are, and they can trust you.