Setek WiFi Extender Not Turning On? Why is This Happening?

Setek WiFi extender not turning on issue has disabled many users from setting up the wireless range extender. In case you are one of them, then it is recommended that you understand why your device is refusing to work properly. For your information, some of the hacks mentioned below will also help one to fix the Setek WiFi extender not working, in case you ever face it in the future. But, let us not get onto the solutions yet. First, let us focus on what might have caused it. This will help you to fix it in a much efficient manner.

Why is Setek Extender Not Turning On?

Considering your Setek range extender is not turning on, there could be several reasons behind this issue. Here are some of them:

  • Your Setek extender is not connected to a damage-free wall socket or even if it is, then the power is not proper. In technical words, it has fluctuated.
  • For the extender to get properly turned on, one needs to ensure that the power button located on it is pressed properly. But, maybe you have not done this.
  • Not all, but some old Setek extender models use a power cable to get connected to the wall socket. In case, your extender has one, then perhaps, it is damaged.
  • Do you live in an area where power outages happen often? If yes, then you just found out the fourth reason why you are facing the extender not turning on issue.

To troubleshoot it, walk through the troubleshooting tips explained further in this guide. By the time, you have reached the last one; your extender will have powered on.

How to Turn On Setek WiFi Extender with Ease?

  1. Check the Electrical Socket

Make sure that the extender is properly plugged into a working power outlet. As mentioned above, sometimes, power fluctuations or loose connections can prevent the Setek WiFi extender from turning on. Now, check if you are able to resolve the issue at hand.

  1. Press the Power Button

Ensure that have pressed the power button correctly, if your extender has one. It might seem obvious, but sometimes a simple oversight can lead to this kind of issue. After this, wait for a few seconds and let the LED light turn green.

  1. Get Rid of Power Outages

If there was a recent power surge or outage, it could have affected the performance of the Setek wireless extender thereby causing the issue in debate. In such cases, unplugging the extender for a few minutes and then plugging it back in might help.

  1. Replace the Power Cable

Check the power cable for any visible damage. If the cable is damaged, it might not be delivering power to the extender. If you have another compatible power cable, you can try using that or get out of your house and buy a new cable.

Setek Extender Still Not Turning On?

In case you are nodding your head in yes to this question, then it is recommended that you try performing a reset on the extender. This can often help resolve minor issues. Look for the reset button or a reset hole on the extender, and follow the instructions given in the user manual to reset it. Once done, set up your networking device from scratch. The same can be done with the aid of two methods: the WPS method and the manual method.

You should know that in the manual method, you will have to use the default password of your networking device. If you face the Setek WiFi extender password not working while trying to do so, then use the other method to set up the device.

Final Thoughts

As discussed above, there are various reasons why your Setek extender is refusing to get turned on. However, if you were careful while following the tips mentioned in this article, then nothing will be able to stop you from fixing this issue. In case, what we are saying comes true, then why don’t you grab onto this opportunity and share your feedback with your fellow readers? What is that? Are you wondering how you can make this gesture? Well, it is simple, just use the comment section.