Indian bedroom design

Some middle-class Indian bedroom design ideas that are not so middle-class

In case you belong to a middle-class Indian family and you wish to renovate your home, your main priority is budget and convenience. Taking these constraints in mind, you wish to be creative with your bedroom interior. If you keep your bedroom design uncomplicated, it will be helpful in the long run because it is easy to maintain. Here are some simple but attractive middle-class Indian bedroom design ideas for your reference.

Go for a wooden bed with a simple headboard and middle class indian bedroom design

You can go with a regular white bed that is paired with wooden accents for budget-friendly yet sleek bedroom interiors. If you add accent lights to this room it will add much-needed charm here. You can create contrast by choosing wooden bed frames and white bed quilts.

Cheerful bed with wall art

This is a simply designed room, middle class indian bedroom design with modern design norms. Here the wall behind the bed is painted in bright tones and is covered with wall art. In this room, you can push the bed to one corner so that there is enough space to keep other furniture pieces or just walk around freely in the room. You can go for white bed linen because the room is brightly-toned.

Soothing middle-class Indian bedroom design

Middle class indian bedroom design is soothingly done and will calm your mind after a day’s work. It comes with a light blue colour scheme with a comfortable light wooden bed that also has a functional shelf where the essentials can be kept. The window of the bedroom is covered with neutral blinds and the walls are covered with minimal wall frames. This bedroom design is subtle and elegant that works perfectly well for middle-class families who like subtle interiors.

Bedroom with rustic wardrobe

Middle class indian bedroom design is Most middle-class families in India like to go for bedrooms that have functional furniture sets which can add an economical angle to the interiors of the room. The best room is the one that has a floor-to-ceiling wooden wardrobe that brings a vintage charm to the room. The wooden bed with storage here is also done with a padded headboard that has a rustic appeal. It also has drawers to keep things sorted and clutter-free. The dressing unit is minimal so that it doesn’t take up too much space in the bedroom. This is a simple and functional bedroom design for most Indian couples.

Modern middle-class bedroom design

Nowadays, middle-class families are leaning towards a decluttered look with simple lines. They want a combination of simplicity and luxury. To achieve this look you can go for a brass bed with railings on the wooden floor. In such a setup the room should be painted with pastel tones and a couple of sleek lamps to light up the bedroom space. You can even add layers of textures and patterns to the room. Adding rugs, bed linen, cushions, and art to the walls can give this room a modern and stylish look.

Rustic middle-class bedrooms

Some people like to make the space as vibrant and Indian as possible. This is mainly true for young people who explore different places and wish to include every element in their room. They want to go back to their roots and wish to bring the essence of their culture to their homes. In such a case, the room can be done using wallpapers with Indian motifs, block-printed curtains, and woodwork on the headboard of the four-poster bed. The bed linens can also have prints of lotus or peacocks from Rajasthan, etc. The whole idea behind designing this room is that the room should be able to throw a rustic and Indian vibe. Whosoever enters the room should get an idea about the Indian heritage and culture.

A wooden-themed bedroom

This is a perfect bedroom for people who have budget constraints but want lavish interiors. This bedroom is designed using a beige colour scheme. The wall behind the bed is done with minimal wallpaper and the flooring is done using light-toned tiles. The furniture sets like the bed with drawers, TV unit and the wardrobe with built-in mirror are done using solid wood. There is a big window in the room to break the monotony of the room and add natural light. This beige room is highlighted by warm ceiling lights and satin beige curtains.

To Sum It Up All the above middle-class Indian bedroom design ideas are easily doable. The main trick is to understand the layout of your bedroom and use your furniture wisely. The key to doing a functional bedroom is to not overdo anything and keep the design simple as well as sorted. Since middle-class bedrooms are small in size, you need to include ideas that make your room look bigger and spacious.

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