The GPX Demon 150GR is here!

The rapid rise of the motorbike industry in South East Asia in recent years has seen a number of Japanese bikes move their factories to the region, indirectly raising the standard of craftsmanship of the local bikers. Today, Moto7 will introduce you to the Demon 150 G, a light 150 bike from Thai bike manufacturer GPX.

At first glance, you might think that the GPX DEMON 150GR is another copycat bike from a powerful country, but that’s the way it is with many things: first you learn, then you imitate, then you surpass, and when you surpass, someone else starts to imitate you again. Back to the Demon 150 GR, the red body with the LED strips on the front is very European in style, and with the slightly lowered split handlebar and high rear end, it’s a proper 150.

The single-cylinder, air-cooled 149cc engine is slimmer, weighs only 130kg and has an international six-speed top speed of over 125km/h. Thanks to the 14-inch wheels at the front and rear, the Demon 150 GR has a seat height of just 780mm, making it easy for both men and women to straddle this charismatic, rack-mounted bike and enjoy a smooth spin. The dashboard features a more technical full LCD design with a gear display and two side indicators, including a neutral indicator, and a convenient USB car charger directly below the dashboard, providing a constant source of power for today’s mobile phone users.

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