Tips to Choose to Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker for Beginners

There are over 20,000 cryptocurrencies known to exist in the crypto industry most of which are traded on a daily basis. Cryptocurrencies have come a long way from being identified as sketchy investments to being one of the most popular financial markets. Since the emergence of Bitcoin, market participants have not seen a slowdown in the crypto buzz. In the beginning, when there were only a handful of crypto projects, keeping track was easy. 

Now that we have several thousand investment-worthy projects in the market going through changes daily, it requires some help to monitor effectively. Crypto portfolio trackers exist for this reason. These smart applications are meant to help users keep a track of their crypto assets. While a crypto portfolio tracker is the best companion for every tech-savvy crypto investor, it is also quite easy to use. But the trick is to find the best crypto portfolio tracker to help you out without causing a fuss.

To find that ideal crypto portfolio tracker, one needs to know what to expect from it. In the following, we have described a few tips to choose the best crypto portfolio, tracker.

Tip. 1: always choose a tracker that never lags

All crypto market participants know that “lagging” is unacceptable in the high pace world of crypto where paradigms can shift in just 1 second. For the same reason, your chosen crypto portfolio tracker has to be quick enough to catch market fluctuations in real time and bring only precise data to you. The reason for the popularity of the most-used crypto portfolio tracker in the market is its operating speed.

Tip. 2: a clear and uncluttered user interface is a must

A crypto portfolio tracker is an application that investors use every single day without fail. For this reason, it must have a solid and intuitive design to cater to individual needs. Finding details of any particular asset just by simply typing in its name shouldn’t be difficult. But also make sure that the UI is not only simple but also minimalistic.

Tip. 3: the right kind of tracker has an in-built calculator

If you are looking for the best crypto portfolio tracker then it should have all the features one could need as a crypto investor. For example, an in-built calculator is the least that a crypto enthusiast could ask for to ease the way they monitor market changes. Furthermore, the inclusion of a crypto tax calculator is also considered an ideal one.

Tip. 4: your crypto tracker should support diversified assets

All crypto investors know that their portfolio of assets should be a diversified one that does not pour all of their investment into cryptocurrencies. Some crypto-tracking applications support various other types of digital assets like NFTs. Preferring such a portfolio tracking application allows an investor to keep valuable information regarding assets other than crypto, handy which helps in making decisions.

Tip. 5: free crypto trackers exist but a demo version helps

The majority of crypto tracker apps available in the market are free for usage after simply downloading them on your device. Many investors prefer not paying to use a crypto portfolio tracker but they end up missing out on various useful features that are only available on paid or pro versions of such apps. The best way to make up your mind is to get a demo version.

Tip. 6: smart security features make any application, ideal

Security is extremely vital when it comes to crypto because this industry can be ruthless for anyone who is interested in investing in it. A highly secure crypto portfolio tracker should be a priority for all types of investors whether experienced or novice. Since crypto trackers must be connected to the user’s crypto wallet, they must be secure to ensure there is no mishandling of sensitive information. In some cases, malicious actors have duped investors through trackers stealing their login credentials.


To be able to invest or trade conveniently, one needs to be on top of all crypto market movements. With the help of a reliable crypto portfolio tracker, this can be achieved easily.