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Car experts calculate the car’s value by examining the vehicle and considering all the factors that could affect the price of a used cars in Dubai. The basis of every calculation is the residual value of a car, which results from the make, age, model, and mileage of the vehicle.

In addition to this general residual value, there are other factors such as damage, The current demand for this type on the used car market, special equipment, or care of the car must be taken into account.

Experts who buy used cars in UAE use their extensive automotive knowledge and many years of professional experience to determine all value-relevant factors and thus reliably calculate the car value.

Here Are Some Of The Most Common

Sometimes there are not enough car buyers in the market for the specific car you want to sell. As a result, you have to wait months for someone to approach you. At this point, your car has depreciated even more, your engine is worn out, your tires are less robust, your gears are more worn, etc., and of course, all this affects the overall value of the car. And that’s why we have experts to take care of every car… so we can buy any car you sell, anytime!

Repair Or Maintenance Issue: When buyers discover a repair or maintenance issue with your car, they call their dealerships and mechanics for an estimate. These mechanics must give them preference and therefore claim that the repair costs are higher. This significantly lowers your car value.

You search for “UAE car valuation” and come across several options, but not all of them are reputable and customer-friendly. They keep their margins high and intentionally price your car low.

Car Rating Factors: Non-professionals are unaware of the many factors they need to consider when evaluating a car. In order to leave room for negotiation, your car is often valued much less than your expected amount and the actual price of the car. In some places, they make sure you get the best possible value for your car, taking into account all the factors that can contribute to the car’s value… this is perhaps the highest car rating for used cars in Dubai.

Follow These Steps To Get A Car Appraisal From One Of The Rta-Approved Centers:

Used ​​Car Test

  • Test drive the car to determine its condition for a realistic evaluation.
  • Visit the vehicle inspection station check-in desk and ask for a comprehensive test (including vehicle inspection and road test).
  • A detailed vehicle inspection report will be provided to you at the cost of between AED 170 and AED 350 (depending on the service center).

Used Car Appraisal

  • Hand in the vehicle test report and the registration card at the counter
  • Request a car value certificate
  • Pay fee (varies depending on official appraisal)
  • Receive your certificate showing the sale value of the car
  • As soon as you know the correct value of your vehicle and have an official certificate, you can strike and close a suitable deal for your used vehicle.

Tips To Increase Your Vehicle Value

It is always recommended to get a realistic estimate of your car model before putting it on the market. Car depreciation is a reality, and conducting a pre-sale appraisal will help you maintain a realistic expectation of a deal. If you try to sell it for a lot more than it’s worth, you won’t find buyers. 

Likewise, you are at a loss if you list a lower price than the original value. How to find out the true value of your car:


Conduct thorough research to ensure you are asking a fair enough price for your car. Like if you want to sell a specific Toyota car model, search the market for the same model and find out the current market value in the used cars in UAE market. You can achieve all this with the help of a car value calculator, which is available on various different websites that deal in buy used cars in Dubai. Alternatively, you can get an estimate of ​​used vehicle prices by browsing them for a specific model on various sales sites. For example, you can easily check the price of used Toyota car models for sale.


Most people quote rounded numbers as prices when selling their cars. This is not an attractive pricing strategy. Furthermore, you can specify a slightly lower price, e.g., B. AED 39,900 instead of AED 40,000.


To buy used cars in Dubai, in excellent condition is more likely to bring you buyers than a worn vehicle. If your car is free from major cosmetic and mechanical defects, you can ask for a slightly higher price. Make sure you can substantiate your claim and justify the price to buyers. If possible, try to refurbish your car before putting it on the market. Also, you should record your vehicle’s maintenance history and show it to buyers before closing a deal.


If you’ve added a unique feature to your car, consider adding it to the price when selling your used car. It could be something as simple as fresh seat covers, and it will still hurt your car and, therefore, its value. A more desirable addition to a vehicle increases resale value for distributors. However, if your car’s resale price is too high compared to the market value of the same model, it can reduce the chances of a successful deal.


After all, negotiation is the norm when buying and selling anything, and that goes for cars too. It is therefore recommended to mentally prepare for it in advance. You can set the price a little higher than the market price but not too much to discourage buyers. That gives you a lot of space to negotiate.

Also, it’s good practice to talk to multiple customers at once when you’re selling used cars in UAE. This will help you select the best deal instead of just being stuck with a potential buyer. You can also take precautions to preserve the value of the car while using it.