Hollywood Singers Fashion Trends

Top Hollywood Singers Fashion Trends In 2022

The Coachella and Grammy are back, and famous Hollywood singers have already spellbound the world with their fashion. While some literally carried the vibe of a disco ball from head to toe, others slew with their monochromatic touch. 

Let’s check out the fashion trends of some of the best Hollywood singers that will be ruling in 2022.

Top Hollywood Singers Fashion Trend In 2022

When it comes to crazy fashion, Hollywood singers are setting some wildest boundaries. From Billy Eilish to BTS and Doja Cat to Dua Lipa, singer’s fashion is now setting the trend.

Here we have the best Hollywood singer’s fashion that has set the bar sky-high:

Harry Styles 

Just like how his performance never disappoints the crowd, his outfits for the entire weekend went beyond expectations. He appeared in his glitzy “fit with embellishment all over to serve a disco-era vibe. Nevertheless, his opening outfit for the weekend topped the game with a V-neck lined, rainbow-striped metallic jumpsuit.

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Megan Thee Stallion

Megan has gone beyond any limits of expectation, with her metallic green outfit serving a futuristic vibe in Coachella. In complete contrast, the curvy queen’s glamour overflowed with her animal-printed figure-hugging outfit with a thigh-high slit on the Grammy night. 

Billy Porter

With Valentino’s hot pink ruffled outfit, Billy Porter has taken the monochromatic trend to another level. But what set the temperature even hotter when he topped it off was his silver platform and bedazzled minaudière.

Lady Gaga

While other celebrities are more towards the outrageous number game, our edgy Gaga slew with her monochromatic vibe. She stepped on the red carpet with her fitted, foot-long black outfit with a giant white train in the Grammy.


When these charming men start playing the fashion game, they quickly knock others out of the window. They hold the legacy of turning a silhouette entirely into their own. Their unified style of suits and losers and roomier cuts did not leave anyone’s heart skipping a beat. They hit the red carpet on the Grammy night in some soothing neutral tones of white, slate, and brown. 

Billie Eilish

Making history as the youngest headliner in Coachella, Billie Eilish served us with her classic sporty vibe as always. She hit the stage with a graffiti-printed baggy t-shirt and matching biker shorts for her opening performance. In contrast, she spends the weekend two wearing the same “fit in a darker grey and black color combination. On the contrary, she stepped out of her comfort and wore an oversized black coat, covering her top to bottom. 

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Olivia Rodrigo

When it comes to combining sweet with goth, Olivia’s Grammy outfit sets a perfect example. Olivia Rodrigo’sRodrigo’s goth game went just right on the Grammy night, where she pulled off a black corseted gown. She excited the look with a 90s-inspired choker and black opera gloves.

Lil Nas X

A bejeweled Balmain with white beads carried on the signature military-inspired silhouette of Lil Nas X on the Grammy Night. On top of that, he paired his outfit with a chunky high platform to amp up the look.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat appeared in the Grammy, keeping her classic silhouette of a high-cut bodysuit and a sheer overlay. Her seafoam Atelier Versace’s fit with a sparkling overlay encapsulated the “Bith of Venus” on the red carpet. 

Michele Zauner

The lead of the “Japanese Breakfast” band, Michele Zauner, set a whole different tone for the Coachella weekends. First, she appeared with a see-through sweater, an overwhelming floral skirt with chunky black boots for the weekend one. Then, she showed up in a lilac knitted sheer outfit with chunky white boots for weekend two.

Dua Lipa

This lady knows how to rock fashion with her iconic outfits, an award show, or a sandy beach. First, of course, Dua Lipa owned the classic black vintage Versace number with harnesses all over the bodice. But what made it next level was her icy blonde hair, heavy gold jewelry, and aura.


Normani attended weekend two, day two of Coachella 2022, and her style matched the festive vibe more than perfect. She wore a graphic printed T-Holly D1 cropped tee and paired it with camouflage printed patch-worked skirt and pink heels.

Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish did not leave a single chance to bedazzle herself with her fitted sparkly Prada number in Grammy. Covered with sparkle from head to toe with an asymmetry neckline and statement jewelry, she made everyone turn their head around.


Halsey served the red carpet of the Grammy night with her mid-century-inspired structured gown by Tiffany & Co. jewelry. Her corseted bodice and black bottom with pockets were enough for a classy award night look.

Final Words

Everyone on the verge of outrageous fashion was trying to stand out in their own ways from the beginning of 2022. However, these were the best singers fashion in 2022 that is going to set the trend for this year.

We hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did, keep visiting us for more.

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