What are Some of the Best Crypto Exchanges in India?

As the crypto industry is getting more and more recognition, the number of crypto exchanges in India has also been growing. Crypto exchanges are platforms where people interested in digital assets can buy, sell, trade and even hodle cryptocurrencies.

Even though there are several prominent crypto exchanges that offer their services globally, some of them offer restricted access due to regulatory strictness in some countries. Therefore, as a new crypto investor or trader, it is important that you first look for an exchange that is available in your country or region and suits your needs the most.

Similarly, if you reside in India, you need to be aware of your available options so you can determine which of the exchanges in your country is the best for you to use. Following is the information that can help you find the best crypto exchange in India.

Crypto Exchanges in India – CoinDCX

CoinDCX is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges based in India. It is a very high rating and grabs the attention of a vast audience as it is one of the safest platforms and supports a variety of crypto-related services.

The safety of user funds and information is guaranteed, thanks to the implementation of high-end security systems such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and solid encryption. The users can also store 95% of their funds in cold wallets, which is a highly secure option.

Other outstanding features of the CoinDCX exchange are as follows:

  • Availability of mobile application for iOS and android users
  • Several deposit options available such as RTGS, P2P, NEFT and IMPS
  • Supports margin trading
  • It Supports futures trading
  • Supports crypto lending
  • It Supports crypto staking
  • Supports systematic investment plan
  • Educational material available for new users
  • Up to 10x leverage (for margin trading)
  • Up to 15x leverage (for futures trading)
  • Insurance for funds
  • No fee for withdrawals or deposits


One of the top crypto exchanges in India is WazirX. This platform has a high significance among crypto enthusiasts in the country due to two major reasons. One of two reasons is that this exchange is supported by Binance global, which is the largest crypto exchanges in the world. The second reason is that the platform supports its native token called WRX.

WazirX entertains one of the biggest audiences, which is more than 6 million registered users. It is a user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange and offers advanced mobile trading application available for iOS and android users.

Among other things, it is also a versatile platform as it supports a multitude of tradable pairs and coins.

Other high-end features of WazirX that set it apart and make it the best crypto exchange in India are as follows:

  • Users can make P2P transactions
  • They can purchase Bitcoin, U.S. dollar and INR
  • Users can buy WRX with INR and exchange it with other crypto assets available
  • Supports smart token fund (STF)
  • Users can use P2P to instantly convert fiat assets into crypto
  • There are over 450 tradable pairs available
  • Offers high-end security protocols such as KYC verification and multi-signature wallet system
  • Impressive customer support services
  • Educational material available for new users


This list of top crypto exchanges in India also includes UnoCoin, which is one of the oldest platforms in the country. It is a high-end and leading platform that allows users to purchase, sell and store BTC along with several other merchant processing activities.

There are rewards for the users and anyone who signs up with the exchange for the first time. There are several other features that can make UnoCoin the best crypto exchange in India for you.

Here are more details you should know.

  • Traders can opt for any one crypto asset out of 80 different available
  • A low and competitive fee structure is offered
  • A variety of UnoCoin wallets are available (up to 40 in total)
  • Supports systematic buying plans (SBP), which is one its kind
  • It can Supports crypto lending related to OTC trading
  • Supports feature of Crypto Basket
  • Payment methods available include NEFT, IMPS and RTGS
  • Minimum deposit amount is INR 1,000
  • Facilitates more than 2 million registered users
  • Gold membership is available that comes with lower fees and high buying and selling limits

Key Takeaways!

Anyone looking for the top crypto exchanges in India to choose one, should know what they are looking for first. As a new crypto enthusiast if you are not sure of what you want or what you are looking for then opting for a platform from several available options can be difficult. Therefore, apart from taking a look at the options mentioned above you should also keep in mind that the right exchange is the one that suits your needs and trading requirements the most. You should also focus on finding a platform that prioritizes your safety, charges a low transparent fees and caters your needs as a new investor or trader.