What are the Facts & History of Norstrat?

Norstrat Consulting was established to support those who have a specific corporate goal or legal obligation. For the Canadian Northern Strategy, they are here. In the information age, this business is at the forefront. They make it simple for businesses to build online platforms and streamline daily tasks for success on any platform or device of choice. Lee Carson, a major consultant for the Department of National Resources who is now retired, founded Norstrat in 1988. The goal of Norstrat is to include clients in their upcoming projects. They work in collaboration with other professionals who can assist you in meeting your needs in any circumstance using a very broad and multi-disciplinary approach. Norstrat is a business that specializes in marketing plans and business growth.

History of Norstrat

NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated was founded specifically to support clients who have a stated commercial goal or a legal mandate to implement components of the Canadian Northern Strategy. Lee Carson, a lead consultant at the Canadian Department of National Resources before to becoming a full-time consultant, founded NORSTRAT Consulting in 1988. Since then, he has grown to become one of the most sought-after names in the telecom and information technology industries in North America.

Fact about Norstrat

Canada is where Norstrat corporate offices are located. There are only twenty-five employees and revenue of less than $5 million. What has changed recently with the new app you has been developing? Did we mention that JQuery Migrate, Google Font API, and GoDaddy DNS will power it? We are incredibly eager for your project! Oil companies were able to locate additional prospective oil and gas deposits beneath the ocean floor thanks to the company’s creative method. Satellite photos are used by Norstrat innovative underwater search system to identify regions that are below the surface. It can provide divers with additional knowledge so they don’t have to venture outside in low visibility or in an emergency.

They always had a knack for knowing what to do to bring out the best in individuals on the inside and the outside. In their field, they are authorities. They have collaborated with numerous significant businesses and organizations to complete projects on schedule, or else they wouldn’t be regarded as one of the top think tanks out there! The business is now commissioning numerous private-sector military projects and is certain that doing so will be a wise investment. The foundation of public health is this consulting. Mr. Carson has worked in the defense industry for many years and has been a key figure in various significant aerospace development milestones. He is a respected member of Canada’s defense community.


Entrepreneurs, government officials, and former service members from the North formed the Canadian corporation Norstrat. In order to provide useful information about what it will take on your end so you can make informed decisions when starting out new projects or expanding into entirely different markets, they have taken steps to assist their clients with strategies through their services for corporate planning as well as market research analysis. Please share any queries you may have in the comments section.