What are the Steps to Access Linksys Router Setup Wizard? is the default IP of your router being used to log in to your Linksys device and access the setup page. By accessing the Linksys router setup page using the default IP or the web address, i.e. linksyssmartwifi, you can easily configure your router and change its settings. However, a lot of users face issues while accessing the Linksys router setup page using. If you are one of them, then this article is written for you. Here, in this article, you will get to know everything about how to access Linksys WiFi setup page with ease.

How to Access Linksys Router Setup Wizard?

Follow the instructions highlighted below to access the access Linksys router setup page using the default IP without any hassle:

1.      Power on the Linksys Router

The first step in our article to access the Linksys router setup page without any hassle is to power on your Linksys router. Ensure that the router is getting steady power supply from its wall outlet. Make sure that the wall outlet you are using for your router isn’t damaged. Be certain that the wall plug in which your router is plugged in is in reach of your modem.

2.      Connect the Router to Modem

The next step in our article is to connect the Linksys router to your modem using an Ethernet cable. Make sure that the Ethernet connection between the devices is successfully made. Ensure that the cable isn’t damaged from anywhere. Be certain that the wired connection made by you is secure and finger-tight as well.

3.      Turn on the Computer

Now, what you have to do – turn on a computer or laptop. Make sure that the software on your device is up-to-date. Otherwise, you will end up experiencing the Linksys router issues and will never be able to access the setup wizard with ease. If you are getting what we are trying to say, it is recommended that you do as necessary.

4.      Open a Web Browser

Launch an internet browser of your choice. Make sure that the browser version you are using isn’t outdated. Ensure to clear browsing history prior to accessing the Linksys router setup page using the IP. Do not use the public or neighboring WiFi to access the Linksys WiFi setup page using the default IP.

5.      Use the Location or Address Bar

Move the mouse cursor to the browser address bar. Enter the default IP without making typing errors. Do cross-check the router’s IP address after entering it. Press Enter.  Enter the default Linksys router login password into the required field. If you have change the default admin password at the time of Linksys router setup, it is suggested to use it instead. To prevent login-related issues, do check the router password after entering it. Click Log In.

In case, you have forgotten the password, then you should try resetting Linksys router to set the password to its default value.  And with this step, you have successfully accessed Linksys router setup using the default IP. What is that? Is the default Linksys router IP address is not working? Fret not! Follow the fixes outlined below.

What if 192.1681.1 IP Address Does Not Work?

  • Do not enter the default Linksys router IP address in the browser’s search bar.
  • Do not use any extensions like .net or .com with the Linksys router IP address.
  • Check the status of the power LED on your router. If the power LED on your device is blinking for too long, consider power cycling it once. To restart or power cycle the device: Unplug your router, wait for a few minutes, and then, plug it back in again.

Are you still unable to access the Linksys WiFi router setup page using IP? No worries! Perform the Linksys router reset process. It will help you to restore the networking device to its default factory mode.


Our article on how to access the Linksys WiFi router setup page using the default IP ends here. We hope that after following the tips given above, you will be able to resolve the issue at hand. In case you do, then share your feedback with your fellow readers with the help of the comment section given below.