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What Happens When You Hide a Facebook Post 

Engaging with your company’s or customers Facebook posts is reasonable.(followers on facebook) It’s mainly the case when your page receives positive feedback or helpful customer queries.But spammy or adverse comments are a different matter.The first instinct you have is to remove or even respond to these remarks. However, in most cases, you can hide the comment as the best here

Before tackling negative comments, you need to understand how this process will affect your Facebook page, the person who posted, and any other Page people who visit the page.

Learn the consequences of hiding comments on Facebook and discover why this option could be a wise choice for your page and your entire team.

What Happens When You Hide a Comment 

Hiding comments on Facebook will result in immediate results. The statement is entirely removed from the public’s view, and an average user cannot see or respond to it.

However, that doesn’t mean that the post is no longer visible. It’s still viewable by the person who posted it and all of their acquaintances. Since they can view the comment, they won’t be aware that you concealed your comment.

The comment is accessible to everyone in your organization even when you conceal it.buying followers on facebook

Why Should You Hide a Facebook Comment?

Hiding comments on Facebook is a smart option for social media managers in various frustrating situations.

  • It is possible to block comments on Facebook in the following situations:
  • The situation doesn’t require an intelligent response.
  • Perhaps the person who commented is a troll, or the negativity of their comment isn’t connected to the content of your page. Maybe the statement is spam. It is best to conceal it instead of trying to find your response or allowing others to join in the discussion.

It doesn’t require an additional moment to think of something you can comment on, and you also stop others from continuing to discuss the more

You’re trying to calm down an argument.

Perhaps a sour post has been re-instated on your page. Maybe an angry Facebook user will never stop engaging with your content. In either case, the worst thing you’d want to do in such a scenario is accidentally angered an angry Facebook user more.

If you remove a user’s comment from your page, Your action will be apparent immediately. The person who posted the original comment won’t be able to find their post on your pagePage, which can lead to negative feedback or even a negative review.

By contrast, hiding a comment removes the word from view but not entirely from the original poster’s opinion. 

The public will still read the post, and they’ll be unable to detect the difference between hiding it and not. In the ideal scenario, the issue will be resolved naturally.

You should keep track of the remarks.

Suppose you’re worried about a person becoming an issue or an unintentional comment that can lead to a more significant problem. In that case, keeping a digital record may be beneficial. Deleting engagement can be challenging because it deletes the information permanently off Facebook.

In contrast, hiding a problematic interaction eliminates it from view but does not erase it. In essence, you’ll have two best two worlds.

If you’re looking to erase the content from your timeline, think about blocking a Facebook post if the following statements are the case:

How to Hide a Facebook Post

1. Go to your social feeds

Begin by opening your social account in socialfollowerspro, then selecting your Facebook page. Find the comment you wish to moderate and click to open the post.

2. Cover up the comment

Use the eye symbol to block the comment. Then the statement is obliterated from view. Only your group and the poster’s creator will have access to it.

How to Unhide a Facebook Comment

Oops. Did you mistakenly hide an unintentional Facebook post, or did you alter your decision? Are you looking to make your hidden comment visible to the public?

Unhide a Facebook post

You must click on the eye icon to remove a comment from hiding. The word and all replies will then be visible to anyone who visits your page or views your posts in their feed.

What to Do Before Hiding a Facebook Comment

Hiding negative remarks is an excellent method of removing the comments from your page without causing additional conversations. However, before you block your comments from view, You may be able to benefit from taking these steps.

Private message to the user

Moderating the Facebook interaction can be challenging, particularly when the adverse interaction is connected to a sensitive subject. If you’d rather accept the comment in private before taking it off the page and deleting it, you should send a message to the person who posted it before hiding the post.

Response in PM

Find the post in your social feed and click the blue Arrow. Select Reply to PM to communicate with the person privately. After that, you can remove the public comment.

Tag the comment

However, keeping track of Facebook interactions could be beneficial to your team.

If you keep track of your feedback, it’s easier to spot patterns.

For instance, you might notice that a specific kind of blog post gets negative feedback. To counter this, the team may develop new ways to talk about complex topics or prepare for dealing with negative feedback.

To label a post, you need to click on the icon label. Select the title you wish to apply for or enter the brand you want to use.

Be sure to label this conversation.

Then, you can filter your inbox by the label to get an examination of messages that are spammy or negative. You can also use your Facebook report to monitor the distribution of titles in your inbox.

Make sure to bookmark the comment.

Do you wish to track particular Facebook comments? You can mark every word you receive on your social media inbox to be able to find it later on quickly.

Bookmark a comment

The comment you want to view and click the bookmark button. You can then use the filter for the social inbox to locate bookmarked words for you to revisit in the future.

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