Why Can’t I Locate Synology NAS via Synology Assistant?

Synology NAS can be found via the Web Assistant tool or the Synology Assistant tool. In the former option, you simply access the login URL find.synology.com on a web browser and in the latter one, you should have completed the Synology Assistant download from the Download Center. Are you facing issues finding Synology NAS on Synology Assistant? Fret not! We got you covered. Use the tips given on this page and help yourselves.

Can’t Find Synology NAS via Synology Assistant: Resolved

Use a Different Device

Try using an alternative computer or laptop to find Synology NAS. Perhaps the one that you are using has some issues with it. In case there is no other device available that you can try, then you should go for the next hack in the line.

Disable Antivirus

The PC that you are using might be either affected by a virus or there is a possibility that the Antivirus software installed on it is stopping the process that you are trying.  In the first scenario, run a virus scan and if the Antivirus is not yet installed, then install it first and then scan the PC.

In the second case, disable the Antivirus temporarily, search for Synology assistant and once you are done with the job, you should again enable Antivirus.

Verify the Connections

Be very sure that the Ethernet cables that you used to connect the devices are in good condition. Try to replace the cables with new ones. Apart from this, we suggest you use alternative ports on the Synology device for if the port currently in use could be damaged.

Adjust Firewall Settings

If there are any firewall settings on your PC, then we recommend you make some changes to it. You should adjust them so that it allows Synology Assistant through DSM and Windows firewalls. These settings could be stopping you from searching the Synology NAS. Making changes can be helpful.

Connect to the Same Network

You should be aware of the fact that you can find Synology NAS only on a computer that is connected to the same network as that of the Synology device. Perhaps they are connected to different networks and hence you are not able to search NAS using Assistant. Go ahead and check the same. For instance, if you have a Synology router installed at your home, then connect your computer as well as Synology device to its network. You can use the WiFi network or use LAN Cables to establish connections between them.

Change Compatibility Settings

There is a possibility that the Synology Assistant and the Synology NAS are using incompatible versions. For example, if the Synology NAS is running on DSM 6.2.3 or previous and the Synology Assistant runs on 7.9-50044 or later versions then you might face issues connecting them.

Hence, click the gear icon in Synology Assistant and select Allow Compatibility with devices that do not support password encryption. This will help you out.

Reboot Synology NAS

Try to reboot your Synology NAS to fix the issue that you are facing right now.  This helps give some rest to the device. Power it off for some time. After about 5 minutes turn it on and then see if you can search Synology Assistant or not.

Reset Synology NAS

If rebooting also could not help then reset it right away. This process can be executed using the steps given below:

  • Synology NAS should be turned on.
  • Locate the Reset button on it.
  • Press the button for a minimum of four seconds.
  • You will hear a beep sound.
  • Release the button.
  • Synology NAS settings have been reset.

Now, you should connect it directly to the PC after turning off the WiFi connection. Now, change the LAN settings on the PC to DHCP and find Synology NAS via Synology Assistant.

To Briefly Conclude

This brings an end to our troubleshooting guide on what to do if you can not find Synology NAS using Synology Assistant. We hope the hacks given here have proved to be helpful to you. You can now easily manage your storage using NAS.