Wish to sell jewelry to a Professional diamond buyer? Here’s what you should know


There are a lot of ways to sell diamonds. Those who have done it professionally can be found just about anywhere. Diamond buyers visit jewelry stores, pawn shops, and trade shows while they’re out on the road finding gems all over the world. This allows them to evaluate diamonds under a wide variety of light conditions, and see them in the context of their surrounding jewelry. They can then make a decision based on the quality of diamond they may find, but they also have access to information provided by solid diamond sources that helps them make better purchasing decisions.

Since diamonds are one of the most popular gemstones found around the world, there are more buyers than people to sell them to. When you’re in business, it’s important to take into account where you’ll need to market your products and services.

Who is profession diamond buyer?

Professional diamond buyers are intermediaries between sellers and consumers of diamonds. They can be found in jewelry stores, diamond wholesalers, grading labs, various other organizations that trade in diamonds. The presence of professional diamond buyers is helpful because they provide a market for both fine quality diamonds and smaller ones that might otherwise be considered less desirable.

Professional diamond buyer is a representative of the company . A professional buyer’s job is to go out on the road and to find diamonds for its business. His main objective is to buy rough diamonds from the miners who are willing to sell them at the best price possible. A buyer is then responsible for selling the diamonds they purchase to wholesalers and diamond dealers.

Professional diamond buyers can be found in all countries where extraction takes place. They are present in most large cities throughout the world, including the United States, Europe and Asia. Wherever there is a large diamond industry, you’ll find professional diamond buyers who sell rough or polished diamonds to dealers.

Professional Diamond Buyer’s method of work:

After deciding where to target their business, these professionals will visit a number of different businesses such as diamonds wholesalers or jewelry stores where they can get an idea of what kind of stones are popular there. After this, they will start visiting diamond mines throughout the region where they want to set up business. Their next step is to negotiate a purchase price for the mined diamonds with the miners and then take them to a nearby city to sell them.

Professional Diamond Buyer’s job:

A professional diamond buyer’s job is like that of any other salesperson. He or she needs to persuade potential customers of the quality and value of their goods in order for them to buy from you. If your business is focused on very small or low quality diamonds, you might approach retailers in places such as flea markets or other local venues where jewelry is sold. You should also look into conducting proper marketing that can increase your chance of finding and selling your diamonds. One thing you might want to consider is placing ads and making an official listing on Internet websites such as eBay if you plan on selling there.

A professional diamond buyer is also responsible for taking care of logistics and payment. He or she may need to sell the diamonds directly to a qualified diamond dealer, who might then sell the stones through various channels to attract buyers.

You can find professional diamond buyers in most countries around the world, especially where there are large cities that specialize in selling jewelry. You can find them in US, Australia, Europe and Asia too.

Tips for Professional diamond buyer:

1) Have a solid knowledge of diamonds – You should know what the four C’s stand for and understand the basics about how to evaluate a diamond. If you can speak about the quality of your diamonds with authority, it will make you more appealing to customers.

2) Be able to evaluate a diamond – Professional diamond buyers must have a good idea of what constitutes a good quality stone, and also be in a position to make sound decisions based on their knowledge. If you can’t make these kinds of decisions correctly, you might end up selling poor quality stones that won’t appeal to your customers. A professional buyer is also required to be aware of all the aspects that influence his or her ability to negotiate with miners and other sellers.

3) Be able to negotiate effectively – This is especially important because you need to be able to work out the best possible deal for your business. You should also have a sense of what you’re willing or not willing to take.

4) Be able to make decisions quickly – You will have the opportunity to sell your diamonds very fast when you’re on the road, so you need to be ready at all times. The competition is also fierce, which means that you can’t spend too much time trying to evaluate a diamond’s quality.

5) Have good business skills – Professional diamond buyers are usually self motivated people who are very confident dealing with other people.


A professional diamond buyer’s job is to look for, buy and sell diamonds. The market is usually small, so it’s a good way to enter the diamond industry. You need good negotiating skills, knowledge of diamonds and good business skills to do this kind of job.

You can start your career as a professional diamond buyer by working for a large diamond trade organization or a medium sized jewelry store where you can gain experience in dealing with buyers who are also trying to strike a deal with the miners for the best possible price for their mined diamonds. This will mostly help you when you go out on your own after taking the time to know all the ins-and-outs of trading diamonds.