Wordle Alternatives

If Wordle’s daily puzzle has become too challenging or simply want to sharpen your skills, there are various alternatives. One such alternative is Dordle which requires you to figure out two words simultaneously using color coding with gray blocks representing incorrect letters and yellow ones representing correct placements.


Anyone who enjoys Wordle but wants a greater challenge should explore Wheeldle. This game gives players six tries at guessing a five-letter word correctly, with tiles turning green when correct, yellow when incorrect but in the correct place and gray if incorrect altogether.

Qourdle is another fantastic Wordle-inspired alternative, applying its format to music instead. Players hear short clips and must guess the name of each song within six tries.

Wheeldle offers an easy and fun way to test both vocabulary and spelling skills while providing a more basic version of popular web-game Wordle. There is even an archive of previous Wordles available for practice!

Hello Wordl

Hello Wordl is one of the earliest Wordle spinoffs to become popular, offering players six chances per day to guess five-letter words and showing how close they came by showing colored tiles with incorrect answers. Additionally, players can change word length so it can challenge both experts and novices alike.

Dordle presents an even tougher challenge, requiring players to solve two Wordle grids simultaneously. According to CNET, this “devious word game doesn’t let you off easily.” Green, yellow and gray blocks indicate when letters have been misplaced or whether shifts may be required in the grids.


Heardle takes its cue from Wordle, but with an added musical twist. Players hear the first few seconds of songs randomly pulled from other users’ streaming library to try to guess their identity; when an incorrect guess occurs, Heardle plays more of that particular track.

While Wordle may not show you exactly how many tries remain, this app enables you to track your progress after each guess and has an enjoyable multiplayer mode so that you can compete against friends. And for an added level of competition, try Absurdle — similar to Wordle but with profane vocabulary.


Quordle is an exciting word game inspired by Wordle and enhanced with nine guesses for solving four five-letter words simultaneously. Players take turns solving them, creating an enjoyable fast-paced social experience.

In many ways, it resembles the popular puzzle game Sudoku where a player must eliminate all letters in the puzzle in order to find its solution. The game indicates whether all the letters have their appropriate places by showing green squares for those that belong together correctly while yellow indicates those which don’t match any words at all and grey indicates those not appearing anywhere within that word’s wording.


Absurdle is a Wordle alternative with a unique gameplay model: players start off by browsing a blank map of a country and are given six attempts at guessing its name; but Absurdle goes beyond this; its devious algorithm actively attempts to trick players.

As part of its design, Wordle obfuscates its list of potential secret words as little as possible to extend playback, giving players plenty of opportunity to get stuck into solving it themselves. Once this has occurred, all of its backstage shenanigans end and it functions exactly like Wordle would have done originally – making for an immensely challenging game that rewards patience over speed!


Wordle was one of the biggest online trends ever. The simple yet addictive game quickly caught on, inspiring many similar titles to emerge across various platforms.

SWordle is a Star Wars-inspired version of Wordle that challenges players to guess a five-letter word in six attempts. Color-coded letters indicate how accurate each guess was: Green indicates correct placement; yellow denotes closeness of word content, while gray represents non-existence.

Star Wars fans will also appreciate that it supports Aurebesh characters used to describe droids and other elements used within the franchise, making the game easier for them.