Worth Its Price

Essentially, the Oracle Primavera P6 Cloud is a project, program, and portfolio management tool in one package that enables the user to plan, manage and execute projects from a single web-based interface.

This provides capabilities for managing complex projects spanning multiple industries, including construction, manufacturing, energy, and IT. All in all, it can be customized with integrated features including cost management, resource management, dashboards, and reporting.

Oracle Primavera P6 Cloud is a comprehensive set of applications that improve project portfolio management and process efficiency. Likewise, it helps provide better visibility into performance and outcomes through real-time analytics, dashboards, and enhanced reporting.

Purchase options 

At present, there are a number of purchase options for Primavera P6 available. There had been some confusion in the past for those prospective users of the software.

For those interested in P6 Professional or the Enterprise, the following is a quick breakdown of the different options and prices available which had its latest update on August 3, 2022.


The Primavera P6 can be deployed on a network or can be installed as a standalone application. The difference is where the database is installed. The Primavera P6 Professional is a Windows-based “thick” client.

The application is installed locally on a user’s machine. This is either connected to a network database or a locally installed database. As of now, the P6 Professional is now only available as a perpetual license. 

In addition to the cost of the license, the breakdown in the following table includes the purchase of a year of Oracle support.

Oracle support 

The P6 Professional application is installed locally on a user’s machine and either is connected to a network database or a locally installed database. P6 Professional is now only available as a perpetual license. In addition to the cost of a license, the breakdown in the table below includes the purchase of a year of Oracle support. 

The Oracle support includes software upgrades and updates, access to the MyOracleSupport portal and knowledge base, and live technical support. This support can be waived, though Oracle strongly discourages it.

Some shops support the purchases (and renewals) with an approximate 20% discount.

Primavera P6 License Retail Price BreakdownTotal

P6 Professional $3,520 + $774 $4,024

P6 Enterprise (P6 web app + P6 Professional)

$3,850 + $874 $4,724

Progress Reporter $1,320 + $290 $1,610

Web browser

P6 is also available as a web-based application accessible through an Internet browser. This is called Primavera P6 Enterprise or commonly referred to as P6 ePPM. 

Like the P6 Professional, P6 Enterprise accesses a network database (but not a locally installed database). The P6 Enterprise includes the P6 Professional. 

It is recommended that you buy P6 Enterprise over P6 Professional unless you are absolutely sure you won’t need to access P6 through a browser. 

The prices and the purchase of P6 and other Oracle products can be found on the Oracle website. (It can also be requested as a quote.)

Primavera P6 Cloud Price

The Primavera P6 Cloud is aimed at delivering business results while reducing IT budget & eliminating start-up costs. The application is also best for managing business processes through an easy-to-use & powerful web application. 

It is needed in expanding the tools you need and does not require you to increase your IT staff, system complexity, & hardware footprint. 

In growing SaaS applications, the only needed items are the addition of users and functionality in evolving the IT infrastructure. The following is some information you might need on the Primavera P6 cloud price.

Price ranges

There are three tiers in the project management software pricing. It ranges between zero to 7-dollars, 7-dollars to 10-dollars, 10-dollars and upwards. 

The prices are then set on a basis of bulk per month, or per user, per month. These price ranges are for lower offerings on every vendor’s website.

The Primavera P6 cloud price is set based on the size of an organization. It can range in the following:

Large businesses

In the standard project management package, they are required to just paying less. This is because their workforce is bigger. Nevertheless, the prices may vary from 40-dollars to 80-dollars to 100-dollars every month.

Medium businesses

They may be required to pay between 5-dollars to 25-dollars for the project management software. This will depend on the number of employees & the package type.

Small businesses

They are required to paying around 5-dollars for every basic plan of the Primavera PC cloud. However, for small businesses with just only a small workforce, they may make use of the free versions. 

These will enable two to five employees’ sizes. The price range can begin from 1.50-dollars to 6-dollars every month.

The following are three of the common Primavera P6 Cloud price models.

Perpetual license

This will require a customer to paying an upfront sum owning the software or intellectual property. The upfront cost will involve the fee for customization, installation, integration w/ the existing systems.

The upfront cost involves the fees for customization, installation, & integration with the existing systems. This may also include cost for maintenance, upgrades, updates, & patches. 


This software, easily accessed through the internet, is paid either on a subscription or per user basis. You will have to pay for the recurring monthly fee reaching the specific period of using the software. 

The upfront cost for the customization is less than the perpetual license. Even if there is not much flexibility in the SaaS systems, the recurring cost is a lot greater. Customers will have to make monthly payments like the subscription fee.

Cost of customization

If you want more customization, the Primavera p6 cloud price for customization can somehow be more complex to calculate than the licensing cost.

Some applications enable you to combine data from different sources. This is without complicated requirements. Some can be embedded into the different applications. 

This way, enhanced reporting will just be as provided. If you want for something that supports predictive analysis & customizable dashboards, you need to pay for a higher cost. 

Minimal customization integrated with one to two systems can come at a price of 2,500 dollars. Standard customization with three to five systems can cost you up to 10,000 dollars. The full customization of more than five systems can be as high as 25, 000-dollars.