Your Guide To The Best Antique Stores In London

Your Guide To The Best Antique Stores In London

These days, it’s not just your house that needs looking after, but also your shop. This makes the task of browsing for antiques a lot more complicated. Here are some tips to making the best out of your hunt for the next great piece!

If you’re looking for antique stores near you, the Show Near Me website is a great resource. The website contains information on antique stores in your area, including address and phone number. You can also search by store category, such as furniture, collectibles, or art.


If you’re looking to buy antique furniture, artifacts, or pieces of jewelry in London, here is a guide to some of the best antique stores in the city.

Antique stores can be found all over London, but some of the best places to find treasures are around Mayfair and Soho. Here are three of the most popular antique stores in these areas:

1. Old World Antiques – This store has an extensive collection of furniture, art, and jewelry from the Victorian era onwards. There’s also a large selection of vintage toys and games for kids.

2. The Silver Stallion – This store specializes in silver and porcelain from the 18th century onwards. There’s a wide variety of items available, including tea sets and candlesticks.

3. Gilt & Gold – This store has a wide range of antiques and collectibles, including old paintings and prints, china, and crystalware. They also carry a small selection of jewelry, including rings and necklaces made from precious metals like gold and silver.

Things To Look For In A Store

When exploring the best antique stores in London, it is important to keep several things in mind. First and foremost, be sure to check the store’s hours of operation. Many antique stores are open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm, but some may be closed on Sundays. Additionally, be sure to inspect the store’s interior before making a purchase. Some antique stores have beautiful displays while others may be more cluttered and difficult to browse. Also, beware of fake antiques! While not all antique stores carry fakes, it is important to do your research before coming into a store so that you don’t get scammed. Finally, consider what type of antiquities you are interested in purchasing. Not all antiques are created equal – some may be better suited for decorative items than for functional pieces.

What To Avoid At Antique Stores

When shopping for antique stores in London, it is important to keep in mind some common pitfalls to avoid. Firstly, do not be fooled by stores that claim to sell “antiques from the 18th century.” While these stores may have items from that era, they are likely not authentic and may be worth considerably less than antique stores that sell items from earlier periods.

Secondly, do not be tempted by high-priced items without knowing what they are worth. Most antiques are not expensive when compared to other collectibles such as vintage clothing or furniture. It is often necessary to spend some time browsing through a store before making a purchase in order to determine what is valuable and what can be passed up.

Finally, beware of shops that demand payment in cash or gold. Many antique dealerships accept credit cards and other forms of payment, so it is best to ask before making a purchase.

Tips For Buying From An Antique Store

If you’re looking for an antique store in London that offers something different and exciting, then you’ll want to check out The Antique Emporium. This store is known for its wide selection of rare and collectible items, as well as its knowledgeable staff. If you’re on a budget, don’t worry; this store offers affordable prices on many of its products.

Additionally, if you’re looking to buy an antiques piece that’s not necessarily rare or collectible, then you should definitely check out The Antiquarian Bookshop. This store is dedicated to selling used books and magazines from all over the world, which means you can find anything from ancient texts to vintage cookbooks here. Plus, the staff is always happy to share their knowledge about any item they carry.


Antique stores are a fascinating and unique category, full of treasures that can be enjoyed by anyone with some sense of adventure. Whether you’re looking for something specific or just want to wander around and see what catches your eye, these stores will have something special for you. Here are our top picks for the best antique stores in London.